IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2019-06-01

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Nomius_Hey jaeger maybe might be good to "standardize" the pkgconfig files location in 3.6/4?20:11
Nomius_Not judging, only asking... Why rdate?20:12
stenurOne ping + adjtime(2) = correct clock. Very small. Fast build. Stable code.20:13
stenurFor me the only fault that i did not know about it before.20:15
stenurAnd NTP as such should go over DTLS, rather than some homegrown thing.20:16
stenur(But they are working on that, and i am talking a very old version of that standard.)20:17
Nomius_I moved to openNTPD a few years ago20:20
pedjachrony ftw20:24
stenurMe too (ontpd). Even though contraints are not working (on Alpine due to SSL, wtf), and that causes program hang forever20:26
stenurAlso last two months here until this week; now rdate integrated in dhcpcd environment.20:29
stenurvery nice!  (that url bot is gone it seems)20:30
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jaegerNomius_: as far as I know they are standardized21:34
jaegerunless by "standardized" you mean "all in one directory instead of two"21:48
jaegerPersonally I don't care about that in the least, pkg-config searches both21:48
frinnststenur: only from this channel23:09
stenurACTION I see.23:22

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