IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2019-06-02

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jueNomius_: the way pkg-config works is the "standardize" way: lib/pkgconfig (libdir for pkgconfig) is the place for arch dependent stuff share/pkgconfig (datadir for pkgconfig) for arch independent stuff10:27
juefrinnst: success with your updates?10:44
juethat's nice: lscpu from new util-linux 2.34 includes the vulnerabilty infos from kernel10:47
frinnstdoing the first one now19:07
frinnstwhy does time run so fast?19:07
frinnstwell no errors. good start19:22
frinnstlets see if it boots!19:23
frinnstit sure did19:23
jaegerjue: nice, sounds handy19:55
jaegerAny feedback from the rc1 announcement so far?20:49
frinnsthavent seen anything. either negative or positive20:52
frinnstworked for me, fwitw20:52
frinnstjust did the one machine. i'll do the rest this week20:52
jaegergood start :)21:16
pedjaI planned to update to rc1 this weekend, but a blinding migraine pretty much took care of that plan :)21:23
pedjaand playing with my cat after that stopped is much more fun, tbh21:24
pedjashe is rarely in a playful mood, so I jumped at the opportunity21:25
jaegersorry to hear about the headache22:13
jaegerI had a wisdom tooth pulled friday so it's not just you :)22:13
pedjanovocain ftw22:17
jaegerI haven't actually used the pain meds they prescribed... hasn't been hurting much at all22:18
pedjaI guess single malt is way cooler :)22:19

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