IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2019-06-03

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Nomius_Question... Maybe someone knows:01:26
Nomius_I burnt a bootable iso to a usb drive with dd... qemu bots it just fine, but my laptop with legacy boot doesn't...01:26
jaegerAny errors or suspicious output?01:36
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jaegerI'm going to start working on a replacement for cruxbot for the commit notifications18:05
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jaegerI'm also going to tweak the notify hook a bit so I can get the redis messages19:49
jaegerAnyone planning to make commits to 3.4 today?20:02
ryuojaeger: I can't commit to that. :)20:03
jaegerpun intended?20:07
frinnstnot I20:08
frinnstdo a dummy?20:08
jaegerMight do that, just curious. Not a rush, still working on other stuff20:09
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jaegerI've been thinking about adding docker-compose to contrib, maybe that would be a good test choice20:10
jaegeroh, maybe not, forgot it has a bunch of extra deps20:19
pedjajaeger, I have a hacky port for it, using venv & pip, and then making a binary bundle.21:04
pedjatoo lazy to package all the deps for it :)21:05
jaegerI have ports for it and all its deps, just haven't organized them21:05
jaegerthey don't have metadata filled out yet21:05
jaegerRomster: looks like the rust-bin update needs a signature fix on 3.521:13
jaegeroh, linuxconsoletools is a good choice21:16
frinnstbtw I have something to push to 3.4 now :-)21:23
jaegergo ahead, will see if my hook change worked :)21:24
jaegerneat, looks like it worked.21:26
jaeger16:24 < cruxbot> [opt.git/3.4]: firefox-bin: updated to 67.0.121:27
jaegerfrinnst, jue, tek__: if there are no objections I'll probably put it on sometime soon and stop the sopel bot21:29
jaegerhopefully it'll be a little more solid than the sopel one21:30
frinnstyeah it seemed very fragile21:30
jaegerI honestly don't know if the problem is sopel, python, redis, or the python redis library21:31
jaegerI guess if mine fails after a short while, too, we'll know there's a common theme21:31
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pedjaanyone else get signature mismatch with libgphoto2 Pkgfile?22:17
pedja'-is' to ignore it22:21
pedjacan't update it without the secret part, iirc22:22
pedjawon't build anyway :)22:22
pedjabreaks on libjpeg22:23
axuhm dont understand, evidently it is not a problem of signature but of library dependence22:25
pedjaboth, actually.22:26
axyou can ignore -s alway! please paste on termbin or what you prefer... i I would like to watch22:28

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