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Nomius_Hi all03:13
Nomius_Anyone good at alsa device strings?03:14
Nomius_What would be the right way to combine plughw with dmix?03:15
Nomius_Kinda: plughw:1,0:dmix03:15
jaegerI've never gotten dmix to work properly, sorry05:11
WorksterNomius_, this might help you;a=blob;f=obs-studio/asound.conf.example;h=3776ecfa5feec6e44a234b37de27c86e9378f91a;hb=HEAD06:10
frinnstwhos owns this? prologic?07:20
prologicthe community does07:20
frinnsttrendmicro contacted us about it. some security researcher with too much time on his hands.08:08
frinnst-- CVSS -----------------------------------------08:08
frinnst7.8: AV:L/AC:L/PR:L/UI:N/S:U/C:H/I:H/A:H08:08
frinnst### Analysis08:08
frinnstThe root user of the crux docker image has a null password that would08:08
frinnstallow an authenticated attacker to escalate privileges to root.08:08
frinnstbut its the nature of the image. we don't have a password set in the package08:10
juepedja: just fixed the signature, thanks for the report08:38
pedjajue, np :) have you seen an issue with libjpeg-turbo and it? tries to use to link, and fails miserably08:44
juesorry, no08:53
jueguess some other libs, dependent on libjpeg-turbo, needs a rebuild08:56
juefor f in $(grep -lrs /usr/lib); do pkginfo -o $f | awk '!/^Package/ {print $1}' done08:57
pedjajue, yup, rebuilding libgd solved it. sorry for the noise09:05
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Nomius_Workster: I know how to set it up in asoundrc... I was looking a string for APULSE_PLAYBACK_DEVICE instead...13:03
jaegerfrinnst: as far as I know the official docker image is a really old one prologic made14:14
pedjaiirc, he talked about transferring that to someone else, since he has no time to keep it updated, or something like that14:21
pedjacouldn't up to date docker, lxc and kvm images/containers be available somewhere at the official mirrors?14:29
stenurLet's steal the AlpineLinux virtual kernel 4.19 config for a nice and readily prepared CRUX 3.5 KVM image...14:33
stenur(But still laying around for over a month.)14:34
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jaegerI have an automated docker base image update on github, didn't feel like going through the work to get it on the docker hub as well15:31
frinnstwho owns this?
frinnst uh15:45
jaegerhrmm, no idea15:49
jaegerAnd that latter one doesn't even resolve for me15:49
frinnstnope. odd15:50
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jaegerinstalling python3 on, just FYI21:24
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jaegerthe old cruxbot is disabled (crontab commented), the new test one is running. Currently it's running in a tmux session but if it works smoothly I'll look at converting it to an automated thing later21:34
prologicfrinnst  I do21:43
prologicit has the original source cod ethat builds a new base image21:43
prologicit basically juse uses the upstream ISO you guys build and pkgadd -r all the packages off it to build a root file system (all that Docker images are)21:44
prologicBut yeah I don't really have bw to maintain this -- but all the source is there21:44
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frinnstprologic: yeah thats what i told the trend-micro guy22:34
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