IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2019-06-06

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ryuoWOW. This is awesome.06:08
ryuoilo4 2.70 landed. It has an HTML5 remote console.06:08
crash_no more java nice06:20
ryuoI suspect frinnst will eventually enjoy not needing to mess with Java for accessing the KVM over a network.06:24
TimB_will test the patch with texlive ryuo :) thanks06:46
TimB_pedja: same with meson, right. If it's for the better, who am I to complain.. but I am not sure about it either :)06:47
TimB_ fwiw - not sure time is a good way to compare though?08:00
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prologicisn't a lot of what prt-get update does going to be I/O bound?12:03
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jaegerhrmm, I should update my iLO14:51
jaegeryay for HTML5 console, works great14:57
jaegernewer DRACs also have HTML5 consoles, wish they'd update my old iDRAC6s to have it as well :)15:01
juejaeger: ok, are you going to start a new build today?16:01
jueif so I'll tag our repos with rc2 and create the ChangeLog16:02
TimB_tek__: another day, another ping :)17:17
jaegerjue: sure, I can start it today. I'll also update the kernel to 4.19.48 if you don't have any objection to that17:29
frinnsttime to upgrade server #3 to 3.5 :-)17:34
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juejaeger: no, that's fine17:48
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frinnstlinux-firmware should probably be updated. our tarball is from february. may cause issues with new 3.5 installs on new hardware18:01
frinnstand a lot of ports need their footprints updated for perl in 3.518:02
frinnstother than that, no issues with this server18:02
ryuoprologic: indeed, but pkgutils isn't prt-get.18:32
ryuoprologic: my optimization cuts the time needed to perform a footprint in half. this helps speed up builds by a bit. micro-optimization, but it's still better than nothing.18:32
ryuo10s for chromium vs 20s18:35
ryuoit was doing two passes through the archive.18:35
ryuoi used memory to cache all the information it needs in the first pass and then process the information in the second pass through the cache.18:36
ryuoprologic: how long until you write your own kernel in Go? :)18:39
juefrinnst: yes, good call, firmware should be updated, can you do that, please?18:45
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juefrinnst: already done ;)19:16
juecommitted the ChangeLog for 3.519:32
jaegerok, anyone need to merge into 3.5 before I run a bootstrap?20:44
frinnstall good I think20:52
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prologicryuo uggh no :) too much hard work :D22:03

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