IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2019-06-09

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TimB_tek__: ping09:32
frinnstjue: ack15:47
frinnstdont think i've ever restarted dbus in my entire life :D15:47
frinnstits still the rc-script from whoever maintained it before me - tilman?15:48
jaegerfrinnst: I'm going to bootstrap one more ISO with the init fixes - do you need to do any dbus updates/changes?16:40
frinnstyep, just a sec16:46
jaegerno rush at all :)16:47
jaegerI haven't pushed the init fixes yet16:47
frinnstpushed :-)16:48
jaegerOK, cool. I'll go ahead and run another bootstrap today. How do you feel about releasing this week? :)16:50
frinnstall for it16:50
jaegerI only pushed the core changes to 3.5, for what that's worth. If you think it's important enough I'll cherry-pick them to 3.4 but with the release coming soon I'm not too fussed about it16:52
pedjafwiw, the hacky way to update still works :)17:11
jaegerNo reason it shouldn't work, it's just time-consuming :)17:11
pedjathat's the quickest part on my machine :)17:12
pedjafixing breakage, otoh, still ongoing17:12
jaegerthat's what I meant, the fixing rebuilds17:12
pedjayeah. and building fortran and clang and qt5 and...17:13
pedjathen the small stuff, after revdep, like why is xfce showing the wrong icon set in the application menu17:17
pedjathe weather being hot and humid outside is just annoying17:18

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