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TimB_since today is a free day in germany...12:21
TimB_tek__: any chances you are around?12:21
frinnstmaybe just type out what you want to ask about? :-)12:22
TimB_I want him to move contrib/libreoffice to contrib/libreoffice-bin12:23
TimB_so I can move my ports for libreoffice(-source) there :)12:23
frinnsttried email?12:23
TimB_like, weeks ago12:23
TimB_I openend a fs task
frinnstACTION slaps tek__ 12:23
TimB_Date: Sat, 11 May 2019 11:47:54 +0200 <- date from my mail, so basically a month ago, fs task is 2 months old12:24
TimB_He was here 2 or 3 weeks ago and asked me to wait for after the weekend, then again, silence12:25
TimB_ D:12:27
pedjamove it to contrib as 'libreoffice-you-really-enjoy-the-pain-building-this-monster-do-you'12:53
pedjathe title needs work, obviously12:55
TimB_pedja: I actually don't want to do that13:05
TimB_the naming convention seems to be bin ports are titled as -bin13:06
pedjajdk/jre aren't named like that, afaik13:08
TimB_is the source for oracles jdk/jre even available?13:09
pedjaif you pay enough, sure :)13:09
TimB_or is that openjdk/jre?13:09
TimB_well, then, I don't see why jdk should be named -bin13:09
TimB_if there is no source build counterpart13:10
pedjaamazon openjdk fork, afaik13:10
pedjawell, openjdk + some patches13:10
pedjathere are some jdk/jre ports which build from openjdk upstream, iirc13:13
TimB_j_v has openjdk/jre ports13:13
TimB_in contrib13:13
TimB_I use them already :)13:13
TimB_anyhow, I feel like I shouldn't rename my port to -source or -tekdoesntreply13:14
pedjasince the majority of ports in CRUX is source based, it would make sense for all ports that are repackaged binary to be named foo-bin, regardless if there is a source based counterpart13:17
pedjaand then use aliases, if needed.13:17
TimB_"it would make sense for all ports that are repackaged binary to be named foo-bin" sounds sane to me13:18
TimB_using aliases as well13:18
TimB_frinnst: what's your take on that?13:18
pedjaaliases are underused, imho13:21
pedjathere are a bunch of lapack implementations, intel/amd/nvidia cuda optimised, openblas, atlas13:23
TimB_pedja: I agree :)13:23
pedjaso port depending on 'lapack' would use whatever is provided by any of them, provided it can actually work :)13:24
TimB_it works for me?13:25
pedjabut that gets hairy after a while, so bad example13:25
TimB_I have some aliases in place for jdk, rust, consolekit etc13:25
pedjaTimB_, I was thinking more as the 'alternatives' some distributions have13:26
TimB_I am out of touch with others distros, haven't used one any other distro for years13:27
TimB_well, we had some Linux Mint boxes at work till last year, but not anymore. But I wasn't really adminstrating them13:27
pedjaanaconda is using openblas for community packages, and they actually know what are they doing, so good enough for me :)13:27
pedjaI have a couple of VM's to play with, mostly opensuse, pfsense, that kind of thing13:29
TimB_I really should play around with lxc and other distros :) but I haven't got the time as much lately13:29
pedjahave to see what are the deps for lxd, played a bit with it, very interesting13:31
pedjapodman, too13:31
TimB_lxc has literally nothing out of the ordinary13:31
TimB_that it depends on13:32
pedjaI prefer lxd's  'lxc $verb' cli, tbh13:32
TimB_I understand that :)13:32
TimB_but I do hate that they called the binary lxc for lxd13:33
TimB_most stuff you google ends up being lxd related, not lxc :P13:33
pedjaand easily adding images repos to pull from. maybe one day, crux will have one too :)13:33
TimB_have you seen the script ryuo provided for creating lxc containers from crux images?13:34
pedjano. I've seen it mentioned, but have no idea where it is13:34
TimB_just a second13:35
pedjaoh, nice. thanks13:35
TimB_I created the container on there with the provided script, you don't have to use that one though13:35
TimB_it's easy to create your own13:35
TimB_and it also creates an lxd tar13:36
TimB_not sure if it's functional though13:36
TimB_I have one container for building stuff with an fixed ip and X sharing via ssh :) starting with `lxc-start -n crux-35` and ssh <container-ip>13:37
pedjamight try to write a packer json config, so you can build lxc/lxd/docker/kvm images using one file13:40
TimB_one script to rule them all?13:42
pedjaone config, you can use different scripts or ansible playbooks or whatever as provisioners13:45
pedjapretty nifty13:46
pedjahaven't really played with it nearly enough so far13:47
pedjaafaik, pkgutils shipped on the ISO are statically linked, so in theory images can be built on any distribution13:50
TimB_I see, sounds fancy :)13:54
jaegerfrinnst: I'm going to make sure it works properly when I have time today but I think we should be good to go after that for the release17:55
jaegerWill have to remake the ISO with the proper changelog updates or whatever but that won't take long17:55
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pedjadid gdk-pixbuf and glib stop to ship .la recently, or I somehow missed that before?18:49
pedjathose 2 and libjpeg broke the most stuff after update here18:50
pedjadon't know why, but contrib.rsync wasn't updated to pull from 3.5, had to edit it manually18:52
pedjamaybe I missed it during rejmerge. oh well18:53
jaegeryeah, rejmerge should have gotten that19:55

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