IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2019-06-13

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jaegerMoritz Wilhelmy is no longer around/active, right? There are a few contrib ports with him as the maintainer21:21
jaegerlatest commit in contrib from him was in 201121:23
jaegerthe ports in question: cvs cvsps p5-berkeleydb p5-class-std p5-io-multiplex usb_modeswitch21:24
TimB_just looked at them, I got none of them installed but I would be willing to adopt the perl ports if they are supposed to be kept around21:25
TimB_wouldn't really make a difference with the over a hundred p5-* stuff I have in my repo :P21:25
jaegerWith stuff that old I'd suggest we drop them rather than someone else take over21:40
jaegerif they'21:40
jaegerre needed, someone will remake them21:40
TimB_dropping them would probably be for the best I suppose21:42
jaegerGotta clean out cruft now and then21:42
TimB_keeping it simple, eh? :D hard task in times of exploding dependencies21:45
frinnsthuh I thought I purged all that stuff?21:52
jaegerI think I remember you purging some stuff, just don't remember the details21:57
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