IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2019-06-14

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ryuohm. think i found the right algorithms library i'll use for pkgutils.12:27
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frinnstyou should write your own. like they do in startrek12:49
frinnst"ive written an algorithm to do x and y"12:49
ryuoACTION facepalms.12:51
frinnstyou need a custom algorithm to sort gigaquads of data!!12:52
frinnsti feel fed up at work. need weekend noooooooooow12:52
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ryuostenur: so, what do you think of the hardware dongle I showed you? lol13:45
TimB_"I showed you my dongle, please respond"13:50
TimB_sorry, I'll see myself out now :D13:52
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stenurryuo: hardware dongle?13:56
ryuostenur: the chaos key link13:56
stenurdamn, i have no idea what you are talking about??13:59
ryuostenur: ?13:59
ryuoyou're not the person who wrote the mailing list about haveged issues?14:00
ryuothey had "steffen" as their name on the mailing list.14:00
stenurOooh!  Yes, well, i looked at their git repo, which is a tremendous jungle!14:01
ryuowell, that's a simple hardware solution if your problem is not enough entropy for your kernel.14:01
stenurI really have no idea of all that mess, i am not a mathematician either.14:02
stenurYes, sure; but not for my server VM, which really has that problem.14:02
stenurAnd then: 50 bucks for random data!!!!14:02
ryuoquality random data is important to some...14:02
ryuobut w/e. it was just an idea.14:03
ryuoyou can always expose USB devices to VMs.14:03
stenurYes, of course.  Well no, that is just a cheap VM hosted by someone else...14:04
ryuoin that case it won't work at all.14:04
stenurYeah! No electrical consumers but refrigerators always on here.14:04
stenurMaybe, soemday, i'll place a small ARM on an always-on line, driven by solar cells or what.  Thought about at occasions.14:06
stenurs/soemday/someday/.  And occasionally.  But most of the time, i do not need such.14:07
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