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frinnstsysvinit (2.95) released; urgency=low17:23
frinnstsub 1 second improvement in shutdown speed and some changes to pidof. rest seems to be documentation/typo fixes17:24
jaegersounds like low impact17:43
jaegerTimB_: do you have a flyspray user?19:32
jaegerwas going to assign you but I don't see a user19:33
TimB_jaeger: yes20:51
TimB_thanks for the notice, will have a look20:51
TimB_jaeger: do you have avahi installed? I can't reproduce the error? I just put it in contrib for some other software that depends on it20:55
TimB_maybe on a fresh boot, but I don't run the avahi daemon by default. I just have it to satisfy some other program that depend on it :^20:57
TimB_oh, but moving dbus config files would maybe help - alright. on it20:57
jaegerI have it in my repo but haven't used it in a while and was planning to drop it since you put it into contrib21:14
jaegerBut yeah, changing sysconfdir to /etc should fix some of it21:14
jaegerNot sure about the other stuff21:15
jaegerTimB_: as a side note, I suggest removing the "Packager" line from any ports21:16
jaegerIt only confuses people, like in this case21:16
TimB_agreed, will do21:20
TimB_interesting. changing the sysconfdir doesn't change the fact, that during boot the rc script fails. I never had it on autostart. It does start later on with no problem as shown in the FS.21:33
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jaegerDoes it make a difference if you start it before or after dbus?22:10
TimB_actually, I can not reproduce the error, after changing the sysconfdir and the rc file, it's working for me22:11
TimB_with or without dbus - doesn't matter. But I only tried starting it after dbus fairly late in my rc array22:12
TimB_I am poking around a bit but can't seem to provoke anything different around that22:16
TimB_pushed some changes, hope that solves it. zzz for now22:52
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