IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2019-06-19

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frinnstjaeger: cruxbot crashed :>17:46
frinnsttoo many commits i guess17:46
TimB_frinnst: I did that when I merged some stuff to contrib and jaeger took notice. it actually istn't crashed IIRC but it somehow eats some of the messages somehow :D they are in the bots log17:47
frinnstah ok17:48
jaegerdoh, I don't have enough scrollback to find why it crashed20:48
jaegerI'll have to add some logging to it, it's very basic20:49
jaegerfortunately it's pretty easy to run a local copy on which I can iterate while the live one stays live20:54
jaegerthat should probably be removed from the hub since nobody maintains it22:50
frinnstalso with the "vulnerability" aka no root password :)23:27
frinnstor some wannabe security researcher will have a hissy fit23:28
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