IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2019-06-20

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juehi guys, I'm back :)09:57
jue... and, of course, a big thanks to jaeger and frinnst for the new release09:58
jueTimB_: added a comment to FS#1741, to clarify the s-s-d behaviour and how to deal with it10:22
juealso added a note to our ReleaseNotes3-5 because I got the feeling that the dbus change was misunderstood by some people10:25
juefrinnst: objections?11:30
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frinnstno objection11:58
frinnstt-minus 3hrs to vacation11:58
TimB_jue: thx, will update soon :)12:20
TimB_also welcome back! and have a nice vacation frinnst!12:25
dlcusafrinnst, what TimB_ wrote!!13:49
stenurSo i have reverted the s-s-d changeset which did not make it to 3.5.13:54
stenurMy ports are not yet searchable via portdbc, could they be added?13:55
jaegerjue: welcome back, hope you had a nice vacation14:03
stenurDiscussion on #crux reminds me of Leah Neukirchen's outils.git, which provides up-to-date rdate and signify, compilable via makefile.14:32
stenur(core/signify is also three years already.)14:33
stenurOnly to mention it, it provides a trackable git upstream which brings in OpenBSD updates in a simple way.14:34
stenurAnd Leah stays in tune for, i think i see her updates for almost a decade.  (cwm first.)14:35
stenurJust a thought.14:36
dlcusafrinnst, what TimB_ wrote!!15:25
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TimB_jue: thanks for directing my attention to opt/dnsmasqs rc file :) I am about to push the changes17:39
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nomiusCan anyone upgrade bluez (opt) to 5 and powertop (contrib) to 2.10?21:20
TimB_nomius: not in contrib, but I do have bluez5 in my repo, but IIRC jaeger updated sometime ago in his repo too? I would probably check his port out first :)21:20
jaegerboth of those have the same maintainer21:43
jaegerdon't see him in IRC much but you can email him or make flyspray tickets21:43
frinnst im sure I purged his ports22:00
frinnstmust have gotten remerged somewhere22:00
frinnstno, sorry. not alans ports22:00
frinnstim confused22:00
jaegerhe's still active (ish)22:01
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