IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2019-06-21

juejaeger, TimB_ : thanks10:06
juefrinnst: what's the state of 3.4? still updates or not?10:07
juefrinnst: I see that you've updated libXi but not libX11 and xorgproto, intentionally?13:04
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jaegerjue: I have a small patch for prt-utils, mind taking a look?
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juejaeger: sure, will apply15:12
jaegerthanks :)15:12
juenp, thanks for the patch15:28
juebtw, what's your opinion: should we stop committing to 3.4 right now, and only do security fixes for some time?15:32
ryuowhy not just due what you did for 3.3?15:32
ryuooh, and interesting news. Ubuntu just decided to make themselves less useful for desktop purposes.15:32
ryuono 32 bit anything anymore.15:33
ryuothere's still plenty of people that rely on 32 bit software.15:33
juewell, it was the same procedure, we don't have a clear policy for that ;)15:34
ryuoYea. I see an exodus occurring .15:34
ryuoI don't think I will be upgrading us to LM 20.x given what I see now.15:34
ryuoTime to research the alternatives.15:35
ryuoMaybe time to switch to Debian. It's the closest thing I can think of.15:35
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