IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2019-06-25

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Worksterjue, opt/mailman group id clashes with contrib/postgresql06:21
jueWorkster: thx for the hint, will change it to use --system instead of a fix ID06:43
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Worksterjue, do we have a table of used gid's on the wiki?07:02
WorksterTimB_, hit it i just reported it :)07:03
TimB_jue: am I too german for proposing a fixed naming scheme for bin ports? Same with an amount of time to wait for somebody else to work up flyspray tasks?07:06
TimB_I am not frustrated at all (but I am) <.<07:06
jueWorkster: I remember that we talked about such a table, but don't think that we have ever done it ;)07:09
jueTBH, even though I don't remember why we use fixed IDs, guess it's a historical relic from the beginning of CRUX07:11
jueTimB_: maybe a bit :)07:13
TimB_I can't help it.. O:) but not talking about it won't make it any better, right?07:15
jueTimB_: seriously, I'm not against a stricter name scheme but renaming ports is a not entirely trivial for the user07:15
jueguess you are talking mainly about your libreoffice port?07:16
TimB_mainly, yes. but it would help in general if the same problem arises at some other point I guess07:17
TimB_plus it complements the way CRUX is. making it visible on the first glance for the user which port ships a binary and which one builds from source..07:18
TimB_jue: thanks :)07:28
TimB_jue: btw, about the fs issue on avahi, I kept it open till now but all the flaws seem to be worked against. Should I close it or wait on more possible feedback?07:56
juewell, I'd say close it08:06
pedjaI'd say that changing ports to not use fixed ID is a task for 3.6 :) never really understood why it's set that way08:14
juepedja: agreed08:17
jue... but it doesn't hurt to do it floating, if someone has installed the related port already, nothing will change, if not he will get a differend ID without side effects08:20
juebut maybe I've overlooked something ...08:21
pedjaafaik, no application relies on a particular uid/gid to run?08:24
TimB_pedja: I think you are right :)08:26
pedjanot a great record on that one, tbh :)08:31
pedjavulkan people still haven't cleaned up the whole 'build against system spirv' mess08:34
pedjacouple of PRs now waiting review/merge08:35
pedjaheh. wine devs think that dxvk is 'the wrong way to do it' and 'dead end'. maybe, but it sure works (for various values of 'works')08:39
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jaegerpedja: their vkd3d isn't doing it any better so far, it seems23:58
jaegerIt does work but the performance leaves a lot to be desired23:58

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