IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2019-06-29

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juejaeger: opt/jdk if you prefer the quick way ;)07:39
Romsteropenjdk8 doesn't take that long to compile.07:40
Romsterjue i think /usr/lib/prtverify/prtverify.wl could do with some love, and is there a way other than that file to make the file-conflict module of prtverify ignore some ports like say when i am testing wine it clashes with contrib/wine-staging i know i can remove -c /usr/ports/contrib in that instance but if it's in the same ports like both in opt like opt/rust and opt/rust-bin how do i avoid that?07:43
Romsteror adding such a conflicts option is a bad idea?07:43
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jueRomster: will take a look at the whitelist08:04
juewrt the conflict option: no idea yet, but we will see08:05
Romsterand it seems we got at least 3 different mail servers that conflict and 2 java's and who knows what else.08:39
juewell, conflicts are per se not a bad thing09:07
RomsterFound in /usr/ports/xorg/printproto:11:59
Romster  /usr/include/X11/extensions/Print.h11:59
Romsterprt-get: updating xorg-xorgproto from 2018.4-1 to 2019.1-111:59
Romsterpkgadd: listed file(s) already installed (use -f to ignore and overwrite)12:00
Romsterlooks like that is now obsolete12:00
frinnstyeah that ports should have been purged I guess12:00
frinnstcan you do it?12:01
Romsterprt-get dependent printproto12:01
Romsteri can12:01
juexf86rushproto is another port we should remove12:11
Romsteroh what is that one clashing with?12:11
Romsteri don't see any conflicts with that one jue12:12
Romsterbut nothing depends on it12:13
Romsterso must be obsolete12:13
juewith nothing bcause I've removed the files from xorgproto, but would be better to remove the obsolete port12:13
Romsteri'll rm that port12:13
Romsterneeds to be added to iso.git ? as a change or that part is done already or not an issue.12:17
jueno, that stuff is not on our ISO12:29
Romsterthat's good12:35
frinnsti'm sure i've removed those ports13:40
frinnsti purged all proto stuff from xorg.13:40
frinnstlike i'm sure i've purged some unmaintained stuff that found its way back into 3.513:40
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