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TimB_sent a mail to alan about the fs issue and noticed I will need to update lightdm as well <.< shame on me08:52
TimB_Think I will just change the sysconfdir alltogether08:53
TimB_got a fast reply from alan, cool11:23
juegood, had the same experience, he responded fast to my emails11:27
jueFYI, I've just committed an update to contrib/vala, version 0.36.19, to fix the build error of gexiv2, possibly others too11:29
jue0.36.x is a LTS release, so still maintained11:30
TimB_good news, thanks11:30
juean update to latest stable should be done by tek__ ;)11:31
juehopefully ...11:32
juesometimes ...11:32
TimB_maybe a maximal waiting time should be defined just to make sure nothing hangs _too much_?11:37
jueyeah, if something is broken like the vala port and the maintainer is not reachable we should fix the error quickly11:39
TimB_contrib/libreoffice is broken since the source is not available at the defined d/l path :P11:45
jueok, will look11:45
jueTimB_: fixed11:59
TimB_thanks.. when could I go and move the port if tek__ keeps not replying? Could announce it on the ML to make sure users notice, though they would when the monster starts to build and complain about missing deps12:02
juewell, I don't see a reason why you should not announce your libreoffice repo now, the user has to add the repo before contrib anyway so the name clash dosn't hurt12:06
jueor do I miss something?12:06
jueor is your libreoffice a single port?12:07
TimB_I actually wanted to merge the stuff to contrib, because some stuff is used by other software as well12:08
TimB_I do annouce it to put above contrib right now, but this is not really the way I imagined to work with it12:09
TimB_or I don't, will change that, but yeah.12:10
juepuh, a lot of stuff12:14
juenot sure if that all should go to contrib12:15
TimB_it's actively maintained, I got ck4up for everything I have publicly online12:15
TimB_why wouldn't it though?12:15
TimB_and "a lot" :) it's around 50 ports12:15
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juewell, just thinking, at all I have no objections12:19
pedjaare those 50 ports build deps, or some of them are run deps for libreoffice?12:20
TimB_not sure really, I could upload a build to try it out?12:22
pedjasince upstream build always has some issues, I'd suggest using that build for libreoffice-bin12:22
TimB_All I know is that this is what the configure-script will pull if you let it12:22
TimB_so I made static ports for them to not rebuild these all over again with each update12:22
TimB_I started with such a port in my overlay actually, took a whole lotta more time to build of course :)12:23
TimB_uploading my latest build now, you can test it if you like pedja?12:24
TimB_49bc8619adea49b70c26e5151e707ac1  /home/pkgmk/packages/libreoffice#
pedjawell, revdep ain't happy with it :)12:29
TimB_would have guessed so :) but maybe parts would work12:29
pedjasome missing runtime deps and 'usr/lib/libreoffice/program/ /lib/ version `GLIBC_2.29' not found (required by /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/'12:30
TimB_I updated glibc a long time ago O:)12:30
pedjapoppler breakage, too12:31
TimB_I am working on reducing my overlay :P12:31
TimB_had so much core/opt stuff in there. it got out of hand :D12:31
jueTimB_: how many ports installed?12:31
TimB_me? I want to say too much but you can't help it today anymore...12:32
TimB_1055 say prt-get listinst | wc -l12:32
juejust curious ;)12:33
pedjaas jue suggested, announce the repo on the ml, let the guinea pigs^Wusers test it, then push it to contrib, perhaps :)12:33
TimB_biber brings in over 100 perl packages...12:33
TimB_(biber is the utf-8 bibtex for latex)12:33
TimB_pedja: I have 2 users already using it confirming it worked for them and it was polished in a container very well I'd say..12:34
TimB_dlcusa helped with some stuff I missed via mail, and there is timcowchip that had it running the first I think when I announced it on the channel12:34
TimB_should write to ML though, right, will do that12:34
pedjathat glibc error would disagree with the 'well polished' part :)12:35
TimB_pedja: well, that's taken from my live system ;)12:35
TimB_not exactly a problem with polishing12:35
TimB_I don't have a recent container build12:35
pedjaI was just going to ask about that :)12:36
TimB_pedja: might have a container build at hand at home, with no bleeding edge overlay of mine12:36
TimB_or will prepare one until the weekend.. will keep you posted12:37
pedjano hurry12:37
TimB_can't do anything in that regard now anyway, since I am at our campus right now. I only run lxc on my desktop at home, which is turned off :)12:38
TimB_might start a build tonight and see if I get a output till friday evening12:38
pedjaso you are procrastinating on irc instead of learning? ccccc12:39
TimB_fucking SAP is making me mad right now12:39
pedjaI think that's their unofficial tag line12:40
TimB_can't define some of the things I need to define to finish the customizing and it's just not there, I suspect another student misused the wrong (my!) numbers and now they are blocked12:40
TimB_it sure is... "making people loose their hair since 19xx"12:40
pedjaand making huge money in the process12:41
pedjasupporting SAP HANA is one of the SUSE's cash cows, afaik :)12:42
TimB_if we would have HANA at our campus, that would be nice. Working with R3 over here...12:43
pedjathat's what, 15+ years old at this point, according to Wiki?12:45
pedjawell, they *are* preparing you folks for work in the enterprise :)12:46
TimB_which mostly still run on R3... I love it12:47
TimB_I hope I'll never have to touch that again in my entire life12:47
TimB_pedja: I started the container build19:34
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