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Romsternow i am on crux 3.5 just my desktop not all my machines yet10:56
TimB_this is my container build11:42
TimB_Romster: gratz :)11:43
TimB_I got a mail reply from alan that permits me to bump networkmanager and bluez as well, will work on that later today11:43
Romsterlibtool has to be destroyed...12:40
RomsterABI breakage form crux 3.4 to 3.5 isn't so bad, crux 3.3 to 3.4 was so much worse.12:44
pedjaI had to fix libjpeg, glib, gdk-pixbuf, atk libtool breakage after update to 3.5.12:49
pedjafun :)12:50
Romsteroh i had fixed libjpeg-turbo long before on crux 3.412:50
Romsterbut looks like i am hitting gdk-pixbuf now12:50
pedjaI waited for one of the libs to update their libjpeg dep, so I didn't bother on 3.4 to update libjpeg12:51
Romstermy fonts look different but i am not done unbreaking all stuff yet12:52
Romstergvim has a bigger font than i had previously12:55
Romsterrust gcc-dortran qt5 fun12:58
Romsterand clang12:58
Romstermost of the stuff is working at least now.12:59
Romsteri'll probably recompile everything for my march anyways after fixing all the broken things12:59
pedjaRomster, you could bump qt5 to 5.12.4 while you are at it :)13:10
Romsterwas looking at that13:14
Romstera few weeks ago even and then just eh later on13:14
pedjaI had to rebuild qt5 anyway, so I bumped the version locally13:30
Romsterah k13:30
Romsterwell you wont need to rebuild when i do bump it13:30
pedjaone of these days, I'll have to go thru qt5 config and disable bunch of extra, soft dep, stuff it picks up on my system :)13:32
Romsteris that a big problem it is on your system to begin with13:33
Romsterfinddeps qt5 would help with that13:33
pedjanot a big deal, but it's annoying when some update breaks qt5, which is not that fast to build on my machine13:34
Romsterah yeah that can be a pain ccache will help there.13:34
pedjasome gltf related stuff13:34
Romsterurl.c:(.text+0x525): undefined reference to `RAND_egd'13:36
pedjaRomster, did we talk about adding some symlinks to usr/include/python3.7m in python3 port?13:36
Romsterthe heck ok i need to look into that.13:36
Romsterw3m does not compile13:36
Romsteri added symlinks to python3 port long ago13:36
pedjayup, w3m doesn't compile here either13:37
pedjaopenssl issue?13:38
Romsteri better recompile boost as well despite it not broken. it tends to need a rebuild on major gcc version changes.13:38
Romsterquite possibly13:38
pedjaI had to enable '-fPIC' for static boost libs the other day13:38
Romsterwhat fails if you don't?13:39
pedjabreaks when application tries to link its shared libs with them13:39
pedjaand some want to do that, for whatever reason13:40
pedjahm. python3 port has symlinks for bin, lib, and pkgconfig, no include dir ones, afaict13:41
Romsteriirc pkg-config points to the correct location13:42
Romsterso those get found correctly13:42
pedjaand that works when application is actually using pkg-config :)13:42
Romsteryes :)13:43
pedjasome like to check themselves13:43
Romsterwell those are dumb...13:43
pedjano argument here13:43
Romsterand that path is default form upstream so why would they not, i have no clue.13:43
pedjaI've seen them search for include/{python3.7 or python3}13:45
pedjanot using cmake module to find python does that13:46
Romsterwhich ports does that effect? because everything i did test worked.13:49
TimB_I think that py3boost is still affected from my libreoffice repo13:50
Romstercan just add pkg-config --libs-only-l python313:50
TimB_will have to check that out13:51
pedjaI've done the lazy thing, and just added symlinks to my python3 port :)13:55
TimB_I think users are easy to forget those.. :)13:56
TimB_hell, I know I would forget them given enough time13:56
Romsterdo you fork everything pedja13:58
pedjaheh. I forgot that my port has them and opt doesn't, so when I updated to 3.5, and were using opt/python3, took me a while to figure out what's wrong13:58
pedjaRomster, some stuff from opt13:58
pedjaeventually, I open a flyspray task about them13:59
pedjaso if the maintainer is interested, he can pick up the eventual changes14:00
Romsterwell if you give me the diff to opt/python3 i can add it14:01
Romsteri thought i covered all the bases14:01
Romsterthinking pkg-config does it's thing. not thinking ports don't do the right thing.14:01
pedjaRomster, I'll make a proper git patch for it, and attach it to fs task, so you can take a look14:02
Romsteror that14:02
TimB_ these helped me over here14:02
Romsteri hit my keyboard14:03
TimB_had to apply them to my 3.5 container when I first built it there14:03
pedjanice root password :)14:03
Romsterit isn't :D14:03
Romsteri have very long root passwords14:04
TimB_whats ~/donotopen.jpg?14:04
TimB_pedja: have you tried the newer libreoffice build yet? I really believe it won't work, but not sure14:04
pedjaTimB_, not yet14:05
Romsterno idea that file does not exist14:05
pedjaplaying with Blender atm14:05
TimB_Romster: it was a bad joke, I admit it :)14:05
Romsteri changed the password but it wasn't for root14:06
TimB_I love pam and the yubikey module ;) I barely need to type a pw anymore14:07
Romsteri should do that.14:07
Romsterjust i got so many machines here..14:07
pedja1st world problems[tm]14:08
TimB_frinnst got some yubikeys. I am still happy with my two, not sure if he tested them out more14:08
TimB_pedja: what isn't?14:08
pedjawhich ones?14:08
TimB_I do have one yubikey 4 and one 4 nfc14:08
pedjathey can hold gpg/ssh keys and do 2fa?14:09
Romsteri should get less lazy and setup ssh keys for all my internal machines14:09
Romsterone day14:09
TimB_So I can eventually open my keepass database with my old S5 if I would ever need that :) it works well14:09
TimB_pedja: yes14:09
TimB_has a smartcard interface14:09
Romsteri still got my s514:09
TimB_Romster: ssh keys are great too :)14:10
Romsterthat phone just keeps working14:10
TimB_I run it with microg for lineage os14:10
TimB_squeezed out some extra batterylife (it's still on it's original battery)14:10
Romsteri killed the original battery and on it's second now14:11
Romsterbut i did get mine the same day it was released14:11
TimB_me neither, it's second hand from my mom :)14:11
TimB_killed my other phone trying to swap the screen. woops :)14:12
TimB_yeah glad I got the s5, else I would be using an S2 :P14:12
Romsterweird boost failed first compile second time it worked.14:12
Romsteri really hate race conditions14:12
TimB_I had that in regards to python3 (weird) while building libreoffice yesterday14:13
Romsterusually only happens if Makefiles are not done correctly14:14
TimB_first attempt failed with saying something like "python3: found" and that's it. then build fine today in the morning without further ado14:14
Romsteror what ever build system it has, has to wait on parts for other parts.14:14
TimB_I see14:14
Romsterbug or sloppyness in the programming side14:15
Romsterhard to find ones14:15
TimB_I was way to tired to check it out yesterday.. :) and I was still asleep wondering why it "just works" now14:18
Romsteryep been there before14:18
Romsterpkgmk ; pkgmk; pkgmk ; pkgmk goes to bed :D14:18
Romsterrebuilding rst14:30
TimB_I just got a coffee. I tried drinking none today, but I am not getting anything done today. at least it feels like it14:36
Romsteri find i can't function without coffee14:37
TimB_it can work, but it needs a good cap of sleep before that and some days of adjustment14:39
TimB_quick question, I have prepared some changes for contrib/lightdm some days ago and didn't push them yet to check them out when I am less sleepy.. so, what will I need to do, since there have been some changes in the past days? "git rebase"?15:14
Romstergit fetch ; git rebase origin/3.515:17
TimB_thanks :)15:17
Romsteri need to get to bed15:17
Romsterafter 1am15:18
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TimB_he, rust will be fine on it's own, bet15:20
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jueFYI, I'll be offline for one week, take care :)18:40
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TimB_Romster: contrib/wicd will need a change for the dbus-1 dir20:11
TimB_I went ahead and deployed a quick fix on contrib/networkmanager and bumped libndp in the process (both alans), I'll look into bumping networkmanager to my build, maybe a bit trimmed down version of it in a bit20:13
ryuomaybe it's time to claim tek__'s ports for TimB_ landia.22:36
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