IRC Logs for #crux-devel Tuesday, 2019-07-09

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pedjaneat. grub-2.04 now supports microcode images13:16
pedja'Btrfs RAID 5 and RAID 6 support.' is anyone even brave enough to use those :) ?13:19
pedjanice, almost all the patches from the port can be dropped, afaict13:26
frinnstnot even brave to run it at all :-)14:47
pedjaext4 randomly eats files from /boot and /etc on occasion, can't be worst then that :)14:49
frinnsthavent really followed the raid development on btrfs recently but I think its still very unstable14:49
pedjabcachefs thread on lkml is fun to read14:51
pedjaLinus in his usual 'no BS' mood14:51
pedjatbh, I am not convinced gregkh can really replace Linus.14:57
pedjahis attitude towards zfs/zol developers is a bit...unsettling14:58
frinnstgregkh has odd taste15:24
frinnstand shares linus' unfortunate position on security fixes15:24
pedja'they are just bugs' ?15:30
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