IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2019-07-11

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pedjaheh, afaict, Crux is the only distribution shipping gawk-5.x12:00
pedjaI've been getting some warnings from it, building stuff, about unsupported operators, or something12:01
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stenurpedja: because: "Gawk is better than nawk and mawk. :-) The warning became permanent when I myself used a bad escape sequence."13:46
stenurThat was in communication regarding "gawk: warning: escape sequence `\$' treated as plain `$'" in 2015. I think it got even better.13:47
pedjastenur, thanks14:44
pedjait was weird to see that, even with kernel build :)14:44
stenurpedja: thought it could be of interest. Yeah, such i had seen too, and wondered a bit!15:09
stenurYeah, is a topic for me. For example, i always stumble over OpenBSD's printf(1) command, it is so picky; and Linux's just does not warn. Time costly back and forth stuff.15:18
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