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dlcusaAs part of a rebuild of all installed packages in depinst order, nettle 3.5.1 replaced /usr/lib/libnettle.6* objects with .7* versions.  Now httpup will not rebuild and dirmngr is broken.  Have I missed something simple?16:51
TimB_dlcusa: have you run revdep?16:53
dlcusaYes--it wants gnutls rebuilt but first httpup needs to build.  Are you sugeesting a revdep/rebuild phase after each package rebuild?16:54
TimB_jaeger: have you ever had a closer look on all the different indicator systems (mate comes with ayatana) floating around? I try to wrap my head around it because steam does not seem to work with ayatana-appindicators with sharp bindings. however, libindicator and libayatana-indicator can share files depending on how you build them16:55
TimB_so I guess they are not supposed to co-exist in peace... I would like to stay with ayatana-indicators provided that I already have them through mate..16:56
TimB_can you rebuild gnutls before rebuilding httpup?16:57
dlcusaI can and likely will, but my question is more about the correct rebuild the world process to avoid shennigans like this.16:58
TimB_not sure that's possible to be honest17:02
dlcusaIt seems updating packages while rebuilding everything is just asking for trouble; i.e., don't do a ports -u without doing a sysup before rebuilding the wotld.17:02
TimB_you don't need to rebuild your whole world17:02
TimB_you actually would need to understand which programs (or links) are affected by a recent update moving libs and stuff17:03
dlcusaIt's not a matter of need--it's a question of does it work.17:03
TimB_this includes the soft deps which are not listed by default17:03
TimB_it does work, eventually I would assume, but it's ineffective17:04
TimB_maybe this can help?
TimB_when it complains for an .la or .so file not being around anymore :)17:06
TimB_pedja: you were right btw, I had to resolve some conflicts I had with -32bit ports17:06
TimB_pedja: you have xfce, do you know what indicators are used? ayatana as well?17:07
TimB_dlcusa: be aware that -if -im -is is a brute approach, you should probably omit those17:08
pedjaTimB_, libindicator17:09
TimB_pedja: oh, I see. I will have to take a look at your ports =)17:09
dlcusaI see that.  Need to step away from the keyboard for an indeterminent amount of time...17:10
pedjaTimB_, if you do, 3.5-xfce-4.14 branch is where the action is :)17:10
TimB_pedja: great, thx17:11
TimB_so the problem I have with that17:11
TimB_I would love to split it into gtk2 and gtk3 packages17:11
TimB_like you did there17:11
TimB_with -gtk317:11
TimB_but they share files, so this would leave me with preparing a -common and then you can install either -gtk3 or -gtk2 or both on top?17:12
TimB_is that a valid way to go?17:12
pedjaif you have to support both gtk2 and gtk3, yes17:12
pedjaxfce will get rid of all gtk2 stuff by the time 4.14 releases, afaik17:13
TimB_pedja: steam needs gtk2 (with sharp) explicitly, but mate comes with gtk3 indicators only17:13
pedjathen you'll have to do the common, gtk2, gtk3 dance :)17:13
TimB_I hope steam will change that with their new upcomming (?) UI?17:14
TimB_I need to polish that part out, and with mate using ayatana or ubuntu indicators... which libindicator doesn't seem to be?17:14
TimB_this is a clusterfuck17:14
pedjawelcome to the wonderful world of open source17:15
pedjasteam's preferred platform is Ubuntu, and I have no idea what their plans with gtk2 are17:17
pedjaonly gtk2 application I use is claws :)17:17
TimB_pedja: who knows17:17
TimB_I think me too :D besides that darn indicator?17:17
TimB_I wanted to try out the gtk3 port for claws, but it's purely git based and I wasn't really curious enough for that17:18
TimB_xfce have no appindicators?17:18
pedjathere is a indicator plugin for panel17:19
pedjabut I don't use it atm17:19
pedjaI'll have to check if it actually works one of these days17:20
TimB_but there isn't libappindicator in there17:20
TimB_steam does need those on top of libindicators to show it's icon17:20
pedjaah, libAPPindicator? nope :)17:22
TimB_yeah :)17:22
TimB_ <- horrible state tbh, but it works..17:23
TimB_it builds both in one go... but I might go with the $name-{common,gtk3,gtk2} thought17:24
pedjagtk-sharp is gtk2 mono bindings?17:25
TimB_same for lib{dbusmenu,indicator} of course.. love it17:25
TimB_pedja: it seems, yeah17:25
TimB_found a reddit post pointing out that you actually need sharp bindings for steam-native... like wth?17:26
pedjatbh, I am lazy, so instead of splitting them to 3 ports, I'd just make gtk3 build conditional or something17:27
TimB_pedja: but you can do: sed -e 's/--enable-gtk-doc//g' -i on libdbusmenu and libindicator and skip gtk-doc dep17:28
TimB_autogen runs it always and will fail if you don't have it. since you delete them in the end anyway.. :)17:28
pedjaor you can build just gtk2 and common, and remove them as part of the gtk3 port17:28
pedjathe conflicting files17:29
TimB_those are includes and dummylibs iirc17:29
pedja2 instead of 3 ports :)17:30
TimB_wait, what do you propose?17:30
TimB_having -common and -gtk2 only? with common having gtk3 bindings?17:31
pedjait was a stupid idea. common and gtk2 in one, gtk3 in other port. but, if one wants just gtk3, gtk2 will get installed too, so17:32
TimB_yeah, ok. I see. well it's more likely that someone has gtk3 installed already instead of 217:34
TimB_so I would build common with gtk3, strip away all the actual libs and deploy that and from there you can go either way17:34
TimB_I try to do that now. Had my head full with ugly formulas all day17:35
pedjabut to use steam-native, they'll have to install gtk2?17:35
pedjagtk-sharp depends on it, right?17:35
TimB_pedja: urm well just for the tray icon I think?17:35
pedjawhat a mess17:36
TimB_I think libcanberra pulls in gtk217:37
TimB_before that also17:37
pedjait does17:38
TimB_I guess it could be worse17:38
pedjawhat, it could require qt5 too :) ?17:41
TimB_for example XD17:41
pedjabtw, don't bother with claws-mail gtk3 yet. last time I tried it didn't compile17:42
TimB_yeah it's not very active branch, I hope they will adopt gtk4 soonly after so this can die already17:42
TimB_pedja: this also leaves room for a seperate -sharp package, where it's needed.. well, maybe having a taskbar icon should be in the optional line for steam :)17:53
TimB_so, libindicator and libayatana-indicator share $PKG/usr/lib/libdummy*18:11
TimB_maybe defining a different libdir would do the trick?18:12
TimB_I think I got em seperated20:32
TimB_interestingly enough, if I let libayatana-indicators own $PKG/usr/lib/libdummy* the icon doesn't show. With the dummy libs it works20:41
TimB_these indicators work with mate-panel as well it seems20:46
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TimB_pedja, jaeger: this should work with xfce and mate, maybe pedja can check if that statement holds true? then this could be placed in contrib and both mate and xfce could share these as well?21:23
TimB_mate accepts them as "ubuntu indicators", guess xfce does the same21:23
TimB_with one advantage over ayatana -> it shows the damn steam icon :D21:24
pedjaholy s*it, that's a lot of ports :)21:30
pedjayou've been busy, TimB_21:31
TimB_well, but they are small packages and it's not like splitting up texlive :)21:31
TimB_pedja: it's not completly polished, as it's not container tested21:32
TimB_but I tried fixing all the depends and stuff and this builds at least on the first machine :) will try the other one tomorrow21:32
TimB_pedja: would you consider using that if it were in contrib at some point?21:35
pedjaand get rid of yet another port I have to maintain? of course :)21:37
TimB_ also that :D21:37
TimB_at some point, I might do that for steam-native :) maybe romster can take all those -32 ports I have in compat-32, then I add what's missing to contrib - and I will take care of all the ports I created :)21:39
TimB_need to setup ck4up for steam soon~ish21:39
pedjaI just checked, all of those indicator* stuff is optional dep in xfce. but it's fancy, so I'll check it out :)21:51
pedjacould you fold them into tarball, so I can get all of them at once?21:54
TimB_pedja: sure21:57
TimB_ those two seem to affected for me. not sure about nm-applet and nextcloud-client :^22:00
pedjawhat's the game?22:02
pedjaor rather, which game is that?22:02
TimB_dead cells22:02
TimB_great stuff :D22:02
pedjaah, one you mentioned recently22:02
TimB_do you remember the old metroid or castlevania? more like that22:03
pedjaah, nice22:03
TimB_pedja: let me know if you run into problems with these ports22:14
TimB_sudo ln -s /usr/share/gettext /usr/share/glib-2.0/gettext this seems to be needed for libdbusmenu-*22:28

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