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TimB_pedja: these ports work for me on both machines07:20
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juehello guys, I'm back :)13:01
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frinnstI upgraded imagemagick for you. it was 404. hope you dont mind :-)13:23
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jueyeah, of course, thanks :-)13:25
Romsterwelcome back13:25
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jueTimB_: just saw your mail wrt glib, TBH the script looks a bit scary to me ;)14:22
juemy minimal script to find such broken ports is the following:14:23
juefor f in $(grep -lrs /usr/lib); do pkginfo -o $f | awk '!/^Package/ {print $1}'; done | sort -u14:23
jueused in the above example, so you'll get some output if you try it14:24
jue... but anyway, thanks for your support in our ML :)14:25
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jueFYI, just fixed our ck4up on for libarchive and bash14:53
juenew versions of both ports probably tomorrow14:57
TimB_jue: which mail?16:11
TimB_oh, that ml mail16:11
TimB_ha :) yeah it may look like it, but it works. yours does look better however16:12
TimB_first off, welcome back! and thanks, no problem, I like to help out where I can!16:22
TimB_IIRC, everything inside the $() came from Romster (if not, I can't recall) that helped me out with it when I hit a wall with some stuff when I updated to 3.5. I just copy pasted that :)16:25
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TimB_frinnst: late question to that old post of yours: so are alias not an valid option for maintainers to set for stuff? Like I do over here
frinnstpersonally I would get mad if a port modified my prt-get aliases18:51
frinnstplease don't do that18:51
TimB_mh, ok18:56
TimB_will change that later18:56
TimB_currently testing my steam repo in a container ~.~18:57
TimB_Romster: compat-32/harfbuzz-32 actually needs --without-graphite2 to work if you have graphite2 installed. it will pull in 64bit libs during build, then fail horribly :D19:22
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TimB_Romster: thx23:17

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