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frinnst9:14 am. Done with my work tasks for the day07:14
frinnstcan I go home now?07:14
frinnstentire fucking country is on vacation :-)07:14
frinnstlots of xorg app updates. I'll do that this evening unless someone beats me to it07:15
TimB_is there a documentation about how to use alias?11:40
frinnstno. it would be interesting to talk about it a bit more11:49
frinnstbut since there is no policy for it i'd leave it in the users hands11:49
TimB_I just pushed a change to my repo11:50
TimB_I will check if I did that in any of the contrib ports (but I don't think so)11:50
TimB_oh I did, for openblas11:50
TimB_it is, however, a bit strange that post-installs are not covered by the signature?11:55
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jueTimB_: you can include them in the source array11:59
TimB_so it's a configure issue?11:59
TimB_maybe I didn't configure signify12:00
TimB_I am asking if the fault is on my side? It could well be :)12:01
jueeverything that is in source= will be part of .signify12:02
TimB_oh, now I get it12:02
TimB_so it would be better to include them, right?12:03
TimB_it's not done in core/glibc.. should this be a thing? I mean, all kinds of funky stuff could happen in a pre-&post-install script.12:05
TimB_doesn't seem to be used much at all. maybe signify should include them automatically? .footprints are signed as well without listing them in the source array12:06
juewell, .footprint is a file generated by pkgmk, so it's a bit different situation12:11
juewe talked about that in the past, with tek__, but don't remember the result12:12
TimB_I see.12:14
TimB_frinnst: I am open for a discussion about the alias topic btw as well. I mean I do have to check if I ever reference stuff that I made an alias for in my deps (might have done it with openblas since lapack isn't in any official repo)12:15
TimB_but with consolekit, I think I sticked with the proper option12:15
TimB_but if a user decides to install both, pkgadd will possibly fail anyway so the post install wouldn't get run until the user checks what the fuzz is all about12:16
jueis something wrong with opt/consolekit?12:17
TimB_oh wait12:17
TimB_you changed that a while ago12:17
TimB_I am late on cleaning out my repos and get confused at times, sorry :)12:18
TimB_it's just somehow, if you ask that way, I would name it consolekit2 to make clear it's not consolekit12:18
TimB_and then provide an alias for that one12:19
TimB_to ensure compatibility12:19
TimB_also: I submitted my patch upstream to consolekit2, but no feedback yet
TimB_jue: if you would update your version to use my patch, I will happily delete mine :)12:21
pedjaimho, aliases make sense when the port changes the name12:33
pedjaor, in the case of openblas, provide *a* lapack implementation12:34
pedjaor nvidia, with its lts and regular releases12:35
pedjabut it can get hairy real fast :)12:35
pedjaand those are rare occasions12:36
pedjaso I agree with frinnst, leave it to the user, but mention it and provide steps in the README12:37
TimB_pedja: I just renamed the script and added commentary to it12:38
pedjayeah, something like that, provided stuff doesn't break with one and works with the other :)12:41
pedjait shouldn't, consolekit2 is meant as drop-in replacement, but12:41
pedjasometimes the cleanest solution is to just clearly separate stuff.12:43
pedjamore work up front, but less headache later, in my experience12:43
TimB_I just did it with all of the ports that did it (not much, to be frank)12:44
pedjaI thought your name is Tim, not Frank?12:44
pedja(sorry, bad joke)12:44
pedjaI see people asking for high quality Crux logo from time to time. Do we have such a thing?12:48
ryuodoubt it.12:48
ryuocould probably use an SVG icon though.12:48
pedjafavicon thingie at would be neat12:49
ryuomaybe it's time for a new icon.12:56
pedjaany designers around :) ?12:59
ryuoone option could be to find a penguin and just recolor it.13:00
ryuothat's essentially what the current logo is.13:00
ryuoa blue penguin.13:00
pedjaCrux penguin has a wonky eye, afaik :)13:00
ryuowith... a "huh?" expression on its face. =p13:00
ryuoyea, it'll be different, but might be easiest option to have a modern logo in terms of scalability.13:01
TimB_it was referred to as a drunk penguin :P13:01
TimB_my design skills suck btw, so I can't help there13:01
ryuoi only know how to design software.13:02
ryuomight be easiest to find a penguin logo with a license that lets us modify it for our own purposes.13:02
ryuowow, creepy a bit.13:03
TimB_giving him a drunken look should be easy13:05
pedjasomething like, but blue-ish, perhaps13:07
pedjait's CC0 licenced, iirc13:08
TimB_pedja: nice :D13:09
ryuonow this is kinda amusing13:10
ryuoCrux, a wind-up penguin. X)13:11
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jueTimB_: thanks, will look at your consolekit patch tomorrow17:48
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