IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2019-07-19

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juefrinnst: libpng 1.6.37 is a security release06:06
juefrinnst: could you update glib and adwaita-icon-theme too, please?06:07
frinnsthmm havent seen anything about that.06:44
frinnstI'll take care of it after work06:44
frinnstoh april? how tf did i miss that?06:45
juebtw, I came across the updates by scrolling through ->
frinnstoh nice07:43
TimB_jue: cool, thanks! (consolekit)07:49
TimB_I wanted to go over contrib/bluez as well, but maybe in the end of the month. I have a local copy I haven't used in over a year07:53
TimB_jue: also, it has been almost a month since you wrote on the fs task about lo - anything we can do by now?07:56
juewell, I'll send him email, maybe that helps ;)08:05
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juefrinnst: thanks :)12:42
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nomiusSomething broke in latest kbd, getting scandir errors... You can try "loadkesy us" or "loadkeys es" as examples19:14
frinnstpedja mentioned that too. I havent seen it myself19:47
pedjait's from libkbd thingie, afaict19:48
pedjathat's the only one that mentioned 'scandir' when I grepped the kbd source19:49
pedjajue haven't seen that either :)19:50
TimB_I have it too19:50
pedjahaven't bothered to downgrade kbd, to check if it goes away19:51
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