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nomiusI have my personal keyboard file and I thought it was just a bug in my definition, but when I saw it with us I figured out it wasn't just me :-)01:13
jueRomster: thanks08:27
Romsterno worries jue08:27
jueI'll fix the gimp ports today08:28
Romsteryou sure i am half way though that08:28
Romsterfixing libmypaint currently08:28
Romsteri've done gegl fixed dependencies for gegl and gimp but libmypiant needs patches.08:29
Romsteri can send you what i got so far?08:29
juebtw, I've read that gegl support for libmypaint isn't necessary for gimp08:33
Romstercorrect but gimp uses gegl08:34
jueyep, sure08:34
Romsteri could just commit gegl that i fixed, and leave you to libmypaint and gimp libmypaint has some autoconf issues.08:36
Romstergegl doesn't use gtk so i trimmed down the dependencies08:38
jueit's up to you, I have some time later today and can do what you have left ;)08:39
Romsteri pushed gegl that should be satisfactory, i checked it with prtverify and clean container.08:40
Romstergimp dependencies i found optimal are: glib-networking libart_lgpl mypaint-brushes poppler-data poppler-glib xorg-libxmu xorg-libxpm08:41
Romsterthough can be cut out gegl off libmypaint and put that into gimp08:41
Romsterlibmypaint has such a old build system08:42
Romsteralso good morning jue08:43
juegood evening Romster :)08:44
Romsteri'll have a shot at fixing libmypaint if i can't figure it out i'll leave it to you jue08:45
Romsterjue, gimp is working but i am not sure why on my system i get a single man page missing14:13
Romster-lrwxrwxrwx     root/root       usr/share/man/man1/gimp-console.1.gz -> gimp-console-2.10.1.gz14:13
Romsterbut it's there in the clean build env14:13
juehmm, that's strange, got the miss here too14:49
juewell, found something, look at line 257614:53
juethe man-page will be installed only if ENABLE_GIMP_CONSOLE=true14:54
jueguess we should add a --enable-gimp-console=no and the man-page will disappear14:56
RomsterExtra Binaries:14:56
Romster  gimp-console:              yes14:56
Romsteris in the output of configure on my system that misses that man page.14:56
Romsterwhich confused me more.14:57
Romstercan you do that i am gonna get to bed. about 1am here.14:57
Romsterthe deptree for gimp now is much cleaner, hope it's satisfactory for you.14:57
jueyeah, looks good, thanks a lot for your work14:58
Romsterno worries14:58
juewill look at the man-page problem14:58
juegood night Romster14:59
Romstergoodnight jue when it's your turn. if i don't see you before then.14:59
TimB_ arch creates a symlink for the missing manpage16:38
TimB_lines 57 following16:39
TimB_Romster: late good night!16:39
jaegerI'm back from the work trip, anything interesting happen in the last week?17:01
jaegerTimB_: I've not tried them, just used the first one I ran across which was ayatana17:02
TimB_jaeger: wb! ok! I have read a bit on the topic and it seems like this approach now is dead anyways17:03
TimB_something something canonical tried to work in favor of gnome and gnome said it's not what they wanted and from that point on it's dead afaic17:03
TimB_seems to me that ayatana actually is the way to go nowadays with mate/xfce/whatever uses it17:04
TimB_I might try ayatana appindicators again, maybe they work with steam, not sure yet17:04
jaegerIs steam native the only thing you've run across that doesn't work?17:04
TimB_did a test and it didn't work as expected17:04
TimB_jaeger: yes :D17:04
jaegerI haven't tried much with it to be honest, but I think I recall steam from upstream and discord at least working17:04
jaegerI may be misremembering17:04
TimB_steam (non native) uses it's own sets of libs17:05
TimB_discord works even without indicators17:05
jaegerand that presumably includes whichever indicators they want17:05
juejaeger: welcome back :)17:05
TimB_really not sure, but I think that glib has (deprecated) code for systray icons as well which most stuff seems to use?17:06
TimB__only_ steam benefits from the existence of indicators for me. I haven't noticed anything diffrent on my mate-panel without them17:06
jueRomster: the problem is that gimp creates two sysmlinks in a row, a -> b -> c. If that finaly works depends on the order our compress_manpages (pkgmk) compress the files, that my theory so far. If I disable manpage compression it works always, if enabled not always. I did tests with PKG_WORK_DIR in shm or normal filesystem, the first works never the later ever ;)17:40
jueRomster: anyway, I'll commit a fix now17:41
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