IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2019-07-21

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Romsterjue, i didn't think to try -j1 on make install01:23
Romstercould be a race01:23
Romsteri didn't think to check if that patch was needed anymore, but it didn't say it was already applied.01:26
jueRomster: tried -j1 first of all, but it doesn't help cause the problem is our manpage compression10:33
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TimB_ is this list empty for anybody else?19:28
jaegerLooks like it is, was probably an error in the last sync19:32
jaegeryep, looks like the "bri" repo is failing the whole run. I'll need to add some error handling for that19:33
jaegerFor now I've disabled the repo19:34
ryuojaeger: wouldn't it make sense to include a "time of last sync" and just not replace the old copies unless the new sync succeedS?20:31
ryuojaeger: and just logs errors somewhere else, while retaining a functional copy.20:34
jaegerThe original portdb was not written with such things in mind20:40
ryuoclearly it should...20:42
ryuowhere is the code for it?20:42
ryuoperhaps i can make it more fault tolerant.20:43
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ryuoportdb is part of their web site, not some standalone software.22:30
ryuojaeger: if you'd like, i can try to work on parts of the PHP bits of crux's website. it gives me an excuse to get some more experience.22:31
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