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jaegerryuo: I've already added a fix for the portdb locally, just need to test it and update the live one. As for the php parts of the site, it's mostly canned pmwiki, not custom stuff14:59
ryuoI see.15:09
jaegerDid you have a particular bit in mind that's not working or something?15:09
ryuoNot really, was just thinking whatever isn't working at times that no one has bothered to fix.15:10
jaegerFair enough... I think everything's working right now aside from that repo issue but maybe frinnst or jue would disagree with me :)15:11
jaegerhow's your pkgutils library going?15:13
ryuoslow. i'm kinda swamped right now.16:25
ryuoi've been looking for a data structure library to help out here, unless i were to use C++ instead.16:25
ryuobut then i'd need a C wrapper for it to be a C library in any sense.16:26
ryuoclang does that.16:26
ryuoc++ has a lot of things that aid development, but it's also harder to work with in other respects.16:27
ryuocryptic compile errors, etc.16:27
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frinnstanything fun in the new grub release?21:12
frinnstah right, zstd for btrfs21:14
frinnsthmm think i just saw it fail to build21:16
jaegerNothing super exciting but some nice fixes. Don't need all the patches anymore21:18
frinnstmake[3]: *** [Makefile:41519: lib/zstd/zstd_module-entropy_common.o] Error 121:18
frinnstwonder if it will play nicer with an older zstd lib21:18
frinnst/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/8.3.0/include/shaintrin.h: In function '_mm_sha1msg1_epu32':21:19
frinnst/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/8.3.0/include/shaintrin.h:40:1: error: SSE register return with SSE disabled21:19
frinnstwhen building zstd stuff21:19
jaegerhrmm... didn't see that in the container or on 2 systems21:19
frinnstaaaaand too late to start debugging that. Sorry for bringing it up and then fucking off to bed :-)21:19
jaegerall good, let me know what you find out21:20
frinnstonly grub2-efi failed21:20
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frinnstbuilt without -march=native21:33
pedjageneric not good enough for you :) ?21:35
frinnsti like to feel special!21:39
frinnstnow to fuck off to bed!21:39
ryuos/fuck off to/jack off in/21:44
jaegerI never use -march=native anymore, ran into it just a few too many times :/21:48
ryuojaeger: think i'm going to write my own abstractions for access like my own iterators...22:05
ryuoseems easier to use interface design patterns so i don't have to expose more of my implementation.22:06
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