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TimB_;pf=ports just noticed that the link to git is old, still up but unmaintained (->
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Romsterjaeger, i fixed a footprint issue with psycopg2 when setuptools is installed i also took the libity to fix the version string so it's not hard coded now. also the url doesn't resolve with www so i fixed that too, only thing i didn't do was bump the version 2.8.4 is out now.14:33
jaegerI don't particularly like adding more variables to Pkgfiles15:23
Romstermmm feel free to revert that, i just find it more a pain when you change a version and find the url is broken and have to spend more time looking for the issue.15:25
jaegerI will... but your update did point out to me that my ck4up config for psycopg2 wasn't working, so looking into that15:29
Romsterno worries i just hit the footprint issue when setuptools was installed so i applied a fix for that.15:30
jaegerdid the same issue show up when setuptools is not installed?15:31
jaegerso setuptools isn't required for it to build15:31
Romsterwhat happens is that one file gets removed when the directory is installed.15:31
Romsterwhich creates a missing file and fails to install.15:31
Romsterso the find removes that file but not the directory if setuptools is present. so a missing file does not happen. so it installs either way with ignore new files.15:33
jaeger"ImportError: No module named setuptools" <-- looks like setuptools IS required with the new version15:33
Romsterah it wasn't needed for the current verson15:35
Romsterthat find line can go then and dependency changed.15:35
Romsterah opt/grub2 is broken15:35
Romsterrub-core/lib/libgcrypt-grub/cipher/rijndael.c:352:21: error: comparison of integer expressions of different signedness: 'int' and 'unsigned int' [-Werror=sign-compare]15:36
Romsterall i am doing is15:36
Romsterprt-get depinst `prt-get dependent --all python` `prt-get dependent --all python3` `prt-get dependent --all python-setuptools` `prt-get dependent --all python3-setuptools`15:36
Romsterand fixing what has been breaking.15:36
jaegerare you saying that a python update broke grub2?15:37
Romsterno that looks more like the new gcc version or my build env15:37
Romstermaybe it doesn't like -j815:37
jaegeryou're running a different gcc in your build env than live?15:38
jaegerI'm confused15:38
Romsternot tested further yet15:38
Romsternope i got the same as live15:38
Romsteri just ignored that one for the time being.15:39
jaegerstill builds fine here, even with -j3215:42
Romsteri don't know i'll look at that later, might of been just a glitch. i'll let you know if i can't get it to compile.15:43
Romster We can’t connect to the server at
Romsteryou have to remove the www.15:56
jaegeroops... tested that and then forgot the change. thanks16:00
Romsterno worries16:01
Romsterthe www part might be why your ck4up didn't spot it16:02
jaegerIt was something else with ck4up but I don't know what... the line I use is this, pretty simple:16:03
jaegerpsycopg2                md5 @TAR@16:03
jaegerMaybe a hidden character or something because that seems correct but didn't work16:03
juehmm, works for me16:21
jue$:~> ck4up -d psycop16:21
jaegeryeah, it seems to work for me as well, now. I removed and rewrote the line16:22
jaeger$ ck4up -d psycopg216:23
jaegerthat's why I think maybe there was some hidden garbage in the text. didn't dig closely, though16:23
jaegerIf it happens again with anything I will but for now not gonna stress over it16:23
jueok :)16:23
jaegerevery other time if ck4up didn't work it was because I wrote the config incorrectly :P16:24
john_cephalopoda Wow, pypi doesn't have rss feeds for updates? That's weak.16:26
TimB_talking about ck4up, anybody got lines that work with gitlab and maybe there is some wisdom about watching some sourceforge projects?16:27
john_cephalopodaTimB_: Sourceforge actually has rss notifications for files.16:28
john_cephalopodaI am sure gitlab also has something.16:28
TimB_john_cephalopoda: I try to bundle everything with ck4up to just have "one channel to watch"16:28
john_cephalopodaI am trying to bundle everything into rss/atom to have "one channel to watch".16:29
john_cephalopodaI am using an rss reader anyway (mainly for youtube, but also for some webcomics), so having package updates showing up there is convenient16:30
Romsterpip list --outdated16:30
Romsterpip3 list --outdated16:30
Romstermaybe write a daemon to rss that output.16:30
TimB_I tried using a rss reader but I can't stick with that.. so yeah16:30
Romsteri'm gonna get to sleep, 2:30am :D16:31
TimB_good night Romster!16:31
TimB_and interesting thought. maybe maybe16:32
john_cephalopodaTimB_: Most projects got feeds nowadays. Even on github.16:34
TimB_john_cephalopoda: and I would _really_ like to stay with ck4up anyway?16:35
john_cephalopodaI updated the aubio package recently. The website states that 0.4.7 is latest, their official rss states that 0.4.6 is latest, github's release page rss says it's
TimB_I have almost every package that I maintain in there16:36
jueTimB_: sourceforge is bit of a pain, but I have something that works for more than one ports16:36
john_cephalopodaTimB_: ck4up is fine. I used it a lot but it gave me some issues because people just _love_ dynamic websites that never have the same md5 sum.16:37
TimB_jue: there is something included by default for sourceforce as an example, @SF@16:37
jueno, guess that's outdated16:37
TimB_if you have something else I would love to take a look. I tried around a lot but I never made it with some projects16:37
TimB_most I was able to fix, some seem to be more of a challenge somehow :)16:38
jue@SF_01RE@   /files/@NAME@/[.0-9]+|@TAR@16:38
jue@SF_01RE@   /files/@NAME@/[.0-9]+|@TAR@16:38
jueand than for example:16:38
juehdparm           md5   @SF_01@16:38
jueerror, the second rule should be16:39
TimB_is one line double posted? I am missing @SF_01@ defintion?16:39
jue@SF_01@  @SF_01RE@16:39
TimB_great :)16:39
jaegerI have a very similar one, seems to mostly work16:41
TimB_ah, doesn't solve all, but solved one so far :)16:43
TimB_I'll tinker around with it sometime soon again16:43
TimB_did either of you ever tried it with gitlab?16:44
TimB_s/tried/try/ <.<16:44
juesorry, no16:47
TimB_but I got an idea for another string that appears to work, noice :)16:48
jaegernot I, no projects on gitlab so far16:53
TimB_ah well :) I will see if I can solve those16:59
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j_vI've been wondering about adopting the subversion ports in opt. Also, not sure if I ever asked for, or received a username/password for editing wiki pages... should I request those things to ML? or is asking about these things here ok?19:11
j_vI was also interested in adopting swig, serf, and several others that are list on the Wiki/OrphanedPorts page19:15
jaegerNot sure where wiki users are handled, I can check that out later... as for orphaned ports, anything on the list is fair game, I think19:25
john_cephalopodaI wrote a script that auto-generates a skeleton for all kde frameworks.19:41
j_vjaeger: Ok, thanks, no hurry20:10
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