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jueFYI, I took the liberty to update some of tek__s ports. Sent him patches two weeks ago, but got no response so far.14:12
juef***, typo in my commit message, I hat thaht :)14:15
TimB_jue: maybe this is the time to ask about your updated stance on contrib/libreoffice? I haven't got any reply so far either14:24
TimB_jue: and thanks for adding (lib)paper, will see if this one is compatible with texlive/libreoffice =)15:14
pedjaanyone else gets signature mismatch with dhcpcd?15:29
TimB_pedja: now that you mention it, yes I do15:31
pedjagit hook running 'pkgmk -cs' would prevent things like that :)15:32
TimB_nice idea :)15:33
jaegerthe trick would be limiting it to the ports that are modified and being pushed15:37
jaegerI think by default the hooks change to the root of the repo first but I'm not 100% sure of that15:37
jaegerI'll fix dhcpcd15:37
pedjajaeger, pre-commit hook or something like that?15:39
jaegeryeah, pre-commit is where I'd put it15:39
pedjathanks for fixing dhcpcd15:41
jaegernp. jue DID update the signature with his commit, I wonder if the upstream did a silent replace15:41
jaegerLooks like the tarball was updated about 40 minutes ago so yeah, seems like they replaced it15:43
frinnst.. with a rouge copy16:59
frinnst*dun* *dun* *duuuuuuuun*16:59
jaegerwhy would they paint it red?17:01
jaegerACTION ducks17:01
john_cephalopodaACTION swans17:03
TimB_ can somebody update opt/libsrtp? it's one of Alans17:18
jaegerhe responds to emails17:23
dlcusajaeger, good, since opt/libsrtb downloads from are getting 404s--seems an account is required--is this a recent change?17:37
TimB_jaeger: k, will do. last time I wrote he responded, I know, but he also said he hasn't much time right now17:52
jaegerdlcusa: no idea on the site, maybe ask him directly18:02
jaegerlast time I ran into problems with it it was a certificate issue but he resolved that one18:02
TimB_the distfile distributed by alan directly is quiet a bit older than the latest relase ball though.. I am not sure, but taking from the mails I exchanged with him there might be a reason for it, but I haven't run into troubles for updating..18:04
TimB_basically, bluez was being kept at version 4 because some features didn't work for him, now he doesn't use those anymore so he doesn't care if I would update contrib.. I planned on doing that sometime soon18:05
jaegerI wondered why he kept it on 4, makes sense18:08
TimB_yeah, kinda18:08
TimB_I mean, basically, if those were individual hardware issues, I would rather like to see the ports updated.. you know?18:10
jaegerI never delved into it, just used my own fork since that was easy to do18:10
TimB_it's easy, true, but how many users might have done it?18:13
TimB_this takes simplicity out of your CRUX experience I would say, it sure does out of mine if I have to forkbomb every other port from opt/contrib..18:14
jaegerTo each his/her own, of course. One of the main reasons I like CRUX is that I can tinker and do what I want with it19:31
TimB_jaeger: on another topic, maybe, I talked to Romster about merging a bunch of stuff into compat-32 and I would be willing to take care of them or help out in there in general - I understand you are involved in there as well? What do you think about that?20:09
jaegerI have no objections20:11
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TimB_pedja: took your idea and used in my zsh function I use for bumping ;)
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TimB_err, I might miss some function there <.< I'll have to go to sleep23:45
jaegeroops, heh23:46

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