IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2019-07-31

TimB_wouldn't be able to sleep without a fix: :D00:27
TimB_off I go, good night/day00:27
dlcusajolupalabs/granite needs a vala at at least 0.40.0 (not contrib).  ergo/vala does not depend on graphviz but requires libvgc >= 2.16 which seems to be installed as part of vala.  Huh?01:21
dlcusaMaybe sleep will facilitate understanding.01:28
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Workstershouldn't the release be bumped when there is a silent file change?;a=commitdiff;h=77e8e406788656c59122db373da39568e01e4ab505:59
TimB_jaeger: so I got a quick response from alan saying that his distfiles were a fork of the linphone devs, but he doesn't remember why they forked it in the first place07:46
TimB_just as a fyi :)07:47
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jaegerWorkster: no need, in my opinion... there was no footprint change or build issue, just a signature mismatch13:40
jaegerTimB_: noted :)13:40
TimB_ so this is the working version, copying romsters style of commit message :D17:39
TimB_ am I allowed to close this? it's fixed for some weeks now17:47
TimB_so, there is also a newer graphviz out then the website shows.. doesn't build with autotools for me, but with cmake. doesn't generate any pc files anymore, had to create /etc/revdep.d/graphviz but the new vala builds fine with it17:57
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jaegerkbd 2.2.0 seems to fix the scandir issue, I'll push an update soon20:24
jaegerwell, maybe not. It fixes the scandir issue but introduces a new breaking issue20:27
jaegercan't switch keymaps twice, for example us -> dvorak -> us20:27
jaegerAt least the 2.1.0 error seemed mostly cosmetic20:37
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