IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2019-08-01

ryuothere we are.03:00
ryuocame up with a database interface that should work for database access.03:00
ryuowrite needs 3 auxiliary functions...03:00
ryuosomething to flush the data to disk, and two to rollback or commit the write.03:00
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frinnstbunch of security issues with subversion. I dropped it since nobody wants to maintain it18:27
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jaegerj_v was just talking about adopting it and others recently19:09
frinnstmaybe this will get him to do it :D19:10
jaegermaybe so19:19
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jaegerspeaking of j_v :)19:42
j_vheya... howsit?19:43
jaegerheyo, not bad. you? frinnst just dropped subversion in opt if you want to take it19:43
j_voh, cool, that was just what I was hoping to chat about. just wanted to make sure that there wasn't any other known security issues, beside the known cve's19:44
j_vI'm already a cve page listing a bunch of svn cve's for svn, so I'm trying to do some due diligence19:46
j_vhmmmm part that doesn't read back so well19:46
jaegerdue diligence is always good :)19:47
j_vis subversion-bashcompletion going that direction also?19:49
jaegerI think it's safe to take it if you want. sepen hasn't been around in a long time20:04
j_vok. It's in opt though... I don't have edit rights in opt20:07
j_vwell, no big deal, I'm doing a build of the most recent 1.9 branch release right now. I won't have time today to do more than import subversion in contrib at a fixed patch level, then will worry about more later.20:14
jaegerIf you want it as well I can drop it from opt so you can put it in contrib20:16
j_vyes, I would appreciate that. I am in a bit of a time pinch, but will be able to get it all into compatible and less insecure versions by tomorrow20:28
jaegerOK. I'll leave it alone until you're ready, no rush20:35
j_vThanks. I will pop in tomorrow. Gotta get ready for work.20:42
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frinnstglibc 2.30. building now :-)22:14
ryuofrinnst: error: attempting to build without a licnse23:03
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