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juefrinnst: got a footprint errro for pango, missing the man-page10:11
jue... and the update gives us the usual issues because of missing libtool files10:14
juesorry, but IMO the minimum we should do is to use a notify commit for such updates10:16
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juejaeger: I cannot reproduce your problem with kbd 2.2, what happens exactly?12:46
frinnstyeah sorry about that. I did the work a few weeks ago but never committed or pushed until last night12:48
frinnstthen didnt think about it12:48
frinnsti'll take care of it after work12:48
juefrinnst: no worries :)12:50
frinnstdoes someone have a handy line to include in the commit message for rebuilding?13:55
frinnsti remember some quick oneliner but i've lost track of it13:55
jaegerjue: I didn't test for a long time but the problem was something about a file lock or file already being open when trying to switch keymaps more than once. When I switched from us to dvorak it was fine, but then it couldn't switch back to us after13:56
jaegerI'll see if I can reproduce it13:56
juefrinnst: have a look at my last commit to opt/babl14:02
jaegerjue: and.... of course now I cannot reproduce it14:02
jaegerjue: I guess it was a fluke, no idea14:12
jueso I'd say its safe to update or do you have objections?14:50
juefrinnst: a more complex one from TimB_ is here ->
TimB_jue: for f in $(grep -lrs /usr/lib); do pkginfo -o $f | awk '!/^Package/ {print $1}'; done | sort -u15:03
TimB_is what you posted that day :)
TimB_it really looks less painfull15:03
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dlcusaIs anyone evaluating xfce 4.14 due to be released this month?16:21
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dlcusaHere's a quick rundown on what's been going on:
jaegerjue: My sample size is small but if you're also not seeing any problems, maybe it's fine17:54
pedjadlcusa, 4.13/4/14-pre has been pretty stable for me so far (famous last words)17:59
stenurMore light! (Goethe)18:06
pedja'More whiskey!' (Hemingway) :)18:15
dlcusaThanks for the info, pedja!  Any interest in sharing your ports?18:40
pedjasure. with the caveat that they work for me[tm], of course :)18:43
dlcusaMuch appreciated--I do like to avoid wheel-reinvention!18:43
pedjarelevant branch is 3.5-xfce-4.1418:44
pedjacatchy, I know18:45
john_cephalopodapedja: Great whiskey for sale, never drunken19:08
stenur"I am dying... Haven't drunk Champagne for a long time..." (after having been given a glass, all in German; Anton Pawlowitsch Tschechow; tuberculosis)19:29
dlcusapedja, gtk-xfce-engine disables gtk3, eh?  Noted.21:14
pedjadlcusa, that's a leftover from times when xfce was gtk2 only, I think21:17
dlcusaBut you haven't tested gtk3?21:17
pedjathere is a gtk3-xfce-engine21:18
dlcusaAh.  I'll just keep studying.21:18
pedjaby the time 4.14 is out, upstream will disable all gtk2 parts, I think some minor parts still depend on gtk221:19
pedjacore is gtk3, it's for some plugins, iirc21:20
pedjaand gtk2 apps need themes, so :)21:21
pedjaI might add numix at some point, both gtk3 and icon themes.21:23
dlcusaIs glib-networking back at 2.50 for a serious reason?21:43
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