IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2019-08-03

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Romsterdlcusa, it's at 2.56.1
TimB_ I think this one here is meant :)07:53
TimB_Romster: ^07:53
Romsterand i need to nump that to 2.60.307:54
ryuoit's been... 2 months since Tek last said anything.08:57
ryuoACTION hauls off tek__'s unresponsive body to the morgue.08:58
ryuomaybe he'll wake up and surprise us.08:59
TimB_patient zero?09:00
ryuoTimB_: but instead of our brains... he wants... our technology!11:13
ryuoDUN DUN DUN11:13
jueRomster: see this with glib-networking -> WARNING: Unknown options: "ca_certificates_path, libproxy_support"11:28
dlcusaRomster, I was referring to pedja's xfce port, not opt's.11:42
pedja'xfce's maintainer is a lazy bastard' is the most likely explanation for that11:43
dlcusaNP, just so there's not something more serious afoot.11:44
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Romsterack they changed the things...13:14
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frinnstjue did you actually encounter any problems with the new pango port? or was it more a preemptive (and warranted) "fix yo' shit" ? :)23:57
frinnstI cant find anything as of yet that fails to buld/rebuild23:57
john_cephalopodafrinnst: I had a footprint mismatch with pango a few hours ago.23:58
frinnstyeah known issue. its fixed I just havent pushed it yet23:58
john_cephalopodaNice, thanks23:59
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