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jaegerI didn't see any problems, only footprint mismatch01:54
Romsterfrinnst, pango is missing gobject-introspection wont build in a clean container06:29
juefrinnst: no, don't run into problems, just saw several references to pango's la files08:29
juefrinnst: but, you know, I have a very minimal system ...08:29
Romsteri knew we should of libtool slayed stuff ages ago09:10
juebtw, new man-db seems to be broken, got segfaults if I run the mandb command09:52
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ryuothey killed jue10:02
ryuothose bastards10:02
TimB_frinnst: ping11:57
ryuoTimB_: pong.12:14
ryuoACTION acts as a proxy server.12:14
ryuo"I'm sorry. The address you were trying to reach has been disconnected or is no longer in service."12:15
TimB_frinnst: as written in #crux-arm for whatever weird reasons, would you consider depending on wayland for gtk3? meson build system already hard depends on it and it would be nice for indicators support I want to commit to contrib soon (for steam-native-runtime)12:16
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pedjafrinnst, would you bump pango to 1.44.3, that should fix gimp build :)18:11
pedjathey forgot to include required headers...18:12
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frinnstsry, the day went by fast22:12
frinnsti'll do a quick push to fix that stuff22:13
jaegerI wonder if we should provide some kind of script that finds and fixes libtool issues for you22:15
ryuogreat idea.22:16
ryuo"I see you're trying to fix a libtool issue..."22:16
ryuoWHAT HAVE WE DONE!?22:16
frinnstTimB_: I'm not sure I follow. meson depends on wayland?22:18
frinnstor just that gtk3 looks for it by default22:19
frinnsti'd rather not do that for now until i've looked into it22:19
TimB_frinnst: gtk3, when build with meson, will depend on it, no off switch22:20
frinnst.. if it's installed?22:20
TimB_by default, always22:21
frinnstah with meson22:21
frinnstsorry i'm slow :)22:21
frinnstI dont plan to switch gtk3 to use meson. gtk4 on the other hand22:21
TimB_ for reference, this works for me just fine22:22
TimB_not sure if autotools pick it up _if_ it's installed22:23
TimB_would be nice for steam-native-runtime :)22:23
frinnstyeah but probably very "not nice" for everyone else22:23
frinnstanyways, i'll look into it22:23
TimB_very not nice? why?22:24
frinnstlots of new extra deps?22:24
TimB_for meson?22:24
frinnstno, for gtk322:24
frinnstplus we get problems with a opt port depending on stuff in contrib22:25
TimB_because of meson?22:25
frinnstetc etc22:25
frinnstif switching to meson for gtk3 will make gtk3 depend on wayland - it's somewhat of a pain22:25
TimB_I didn't see any way to disable wayland, it failed configuring without22:26
frinnstgtk3 builds just fine without wayland. it always has22:26
frinnstso switching to meson and adding wayland dependencies doesn't seem like a good idea22:27
frinnstzzzz work soon22:27
frinnstanyways i'll look into it22:27
TimB_aye.. I'll have another look as well22:27
TimB_good night!22:27
TimB_at least lfs lists wayland as recommended, not required..22:30
TimB_" ERROR: Dependency "wayland-client" not found, tried pkgconfig and cmake" with -Dwayland-backend=false.. no idea over here, but I am off for today too22:41
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