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j_vI was wondering if swig and serf could be dropped from opt so I can adopt them in contrib?10:36
TimB_j_v: hey there! all good? those are sepens ports, so they are free for adoption, right? does anything in opt depend on them?10:37
j_vGetting better, thanks for asking.10:40
TimB_good to hear :)10:40
j_vOnly some stuff in contrib, stuff I already maintain, mainly10:41
Romsterj_v, yeah anything sepen is up for adoption10:42
TimB_I am not the one able to decide. But I like the idea of a 'cleaner opt'10:42
Romsterlibselinux need swig10:43
j_vThat is in contrib, right?10:43
TimB_yeah it is, for steam-native :)10:43
Romstersubversion needs serf but that's in contrib too10:43
TimB_romster and I worked hard over the weekend to push everything to contrib and compat-3210:43
RomsterTimB_, and i spent a considerable amount of time on steam-native i still got some compat-32 to sort though for app icons10:44
Romsterj_v, you got ports of them two for contrib yet?10:45
TimB_icons are optional, of course, and a big pita for the deps (mono, gtk-sharp - like wtf?) but whatever. hopefully this will change in the future10:45
Romsterhence why it's optional10:45
TimB_yeah it's fair to take some time to push them later10:46
TimB_I posted all of them publicly, so if somebody can't wait he can help himself10:46
Romsteri didn't think of them as important as steam-native-runtime itself.10:46
TimB_or herself, whatever10:46
j_vI would just import them as is into contrib, to start, if that is all right. I just don't want to see those go away, especially minicom as I use that for hardware hacking my wireless routers10:46
Romsteryou want to maintian minicon to j_v ?10:47
j_vYep. Right now, I have my sights on swig, serf, minicom, and tightvnc. I usually use tigervnc, but it is good to have options.10:49
Romsterj_v, ith swig and serf just be sure to test that subversion and libselinux still compile with any updates10:54
Romsterdo you have more time on your hands j_v or still quite busy?10:55
j_vPretty busy, but I find keeping up on ports gives me a good diversion from some other less pleasant things10:55
Romsteri see10:57
j_vAlso, I seem to have gotten a pretty good handle on ck4up regexps, so running a cron job for that saves a lot of time10:58
Romstersure does10:58
Romsteractually nice having j_v  and TimB_  about maybe i can stop hording ports10:58
j_vI finally went and read the ruby regexp docs, that helped alot... who would've thought that a literal space requires '\s'10:59
TimB_I should read up on that too, it seems :) I still have some stuff not working11:00
TimB_j_v: you monitor any gitlab stuff with ck4up? I haven't gotten that to work for me11:00
j_vbest advice I can give for tracking github and gitlab is to look for atom and rss stuff in the release sections11:01
Romsterand sometimes mailinglist11:02
TimB_ah, I do that now for them but I wish I had them all with ck4up11:02
TimB_oh well.. you can't have everything I guess11:03
j_valso, I have gotten in the habit now of wget'ing any file I am looking to use, so it takes the guess work out11:03
Romsterj_v, them 4 ports are in contrib feel free to change the maintainer field and update the signature11:03
j_vthanks, Romster11:04
Romsterno worries11:04
TimB_nice, got something that depends on swig :) appreciated, j_v11:05
Romsteri am more than happy for j_v to pick these up, since the work i've seen you do with openjdk what a beast11:06
Romsterj_v, have you started on openjdk11 yet? and is there a way to make a headless openjdk8 ?11:10
j_vI have looked at openjdk11 mainly by looking at a few other distros pkg building, but haven't gotten further yet. is there a strong need for it?11:11
j_valso, the headless stuff needs a bit more research from my end. seems every time I get looking into that, I get sidetracked11:12
Romsterno strong need for openjdk11 just curious 8 will be needed for a long time still11:16
Romsterbut a headless jdk8 would be useful11:16
Romstercurrently i got minecraft servers on a ubuntu headless openjdk8 and my desktop has openjdk8 for chatty minecraft multimc and a few others.11:17
Romsterplan to do more with yacy that uses openjdk as well but that doesn't need X11:18
j_vi will make a start at a headless openjdk8 port by using the existing one as a starting point. no guarantee on how long it will take to make it usable. but by looking at what other distros do for their headless packages, i should be able to whip something up11:20
j_vor into shape11:20
Romsterno big rush for such a thing but it would be nice for server use11:21
Romstercurrently i can just lxc a container and throw in everything it needs11:21
Romsterright now i am seriously thinking about what filesystem i want to setup here, luster or moosefs or cifs or what else.11:22
Romstersmall file packing in moosefs might be really sub-optimal11:23
j_vok, i don't mind working on it. i should been on it a while ago, i know joacim was asking for it, so i feel kinda bad about not getting to it before now11:24
Romstereh you are a busy person11:24
pedjait's fun when some applications require openjdk-11 and some openjdk-811:35
pedjas/openjdk8/oracle jdk8/11:37
pedjaapparently, there is a difference.11:38
Romstereach has there own directory and just set CLASSPATH for each app11:38
pedjasince I am lazy, I just make a trivial shell script that sets appropriate java bin path for them11:39
Romsteror that11:40
pedjaone of them pushes my poor gpu more then blender. then again, it is a universe simulator :)11:41
pedjawell, not simulator, just visualising the known universe using scientific data11:42
Romsterthat sounds expensive11:42
pedjaexpensive? yeah, in a sense that you need a beefy gpu :)11:43
Romsteryes processing powah11:44
pedjaI only use the 'basic' data set, ~600Mb. the whole shebang is 30+Gb, I think11:45
pedja56Gb. damn :)11:46
pedja1.3 billion stars11:47
pedjaif you are curious, it's
pedjaor, for the actual application11:49
Romsteris it like stellarium11:50
Romsteroh imagine if that could be in my room as a hologram11:52
pedjastellarium is planetarium, with gaiasky you can travel the galaxy :)11:53
Romsterdid you cruxify it to a Pkgfile?11:53
Romsteror lazy and used the linux installer?11:54
pedjaI build from git, and then repackage that :)11:54
pedjaNice, Celestia is getting some development finally11:55
Romsteroh living on the edge11:55
Romsternot published anywhere pedja ?11:58
pedjanot yet, needs cleanup11:58
pedjaI'll push it to contrib eventually11:59
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pedjapackaging it is not that hard, but testing it is a bit of a challenge :)12:02
Romsteri could imagine12:03
Romsteri need a datacenter for storage :D12:03
Romsterand a faster pc12:03
frinnstwow that looks cool12:30
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pedjait does, even with 'small' 700k stars dataset :)16:32
pedjait looks gorgeous with 1080ti that main developer is using to demo it. no surprise there16:36
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jaegerI've started to work on converting the installation ISO back to using squashfs instead of copying the entire rootfs into RAM. Already making some decent progress and it's using a much smaller amount of RAM, but it's definitely a step back in terms of functionality22:34
jaegercan't unmount the ISO anymore or run sshd during install (though I can probably make the latter work again with some tmpfs usage)22:35
john_cephalopodajaeger: How much RAM does the ISO use right nowß22:36
john_cephalopodaYou probably won't find a x86_64 system with less than 4GB of RAM, so as long as you stay under that, there shouldn't really be a problem.22:37
jaegerI personally have no problem with it, the smallest of my systems have 1GB and those are ARM anyway, so won't be using the install ISO22:39
jaegerwith that said, some folks have complained or commented about it22:39
jaegerAnd to be honest, I do think it's a bit silly to copy the entire rootfs into RAM these days now that it's much larger than it used to be22:40
jaegerJust because we CAN doesn't mean it's the best thing to do22:40
jaegerI wonder how others are doing it these days... I should examine a gentoo or arch ISO as well22:41
john_cephalopodaGood idea.22:42
jaegerAnother thing I've been toying with is that we actually boot a minimal CRUX installation to run setup. Maybe that isn't needed. Maybe it could be done in a smaller busybox environment with the right support and static pkgutils22:43
jaegerA lot of the rootfs is scaffolding for a CRUX install that's probably not really needed22:43
jaegerregarding the question of how much RAM it currently needs, around 768M22:54
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