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pedjajaeger, what's the complaint about rootfs? even on my ancient machine I had no issues with it00:56
pedjapersonally, I am against going back to squashfs if it means we lose functionality because of some edge cases01:03
pedjaevery distribution has minimal requirements, and I think ours are as minimal as it gets :)01:05
pedjaand install ISO is also a rescue env, saved my sorry ass a few times01:07
pedjanot to mention that rootfs is less pain to extract and later chroot into, which is how I do upgrades01:13
pedjajust my 2.4RSD (~2eurocents)01:17
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jaegerwhy chroot into it if you're not booting from the media? you can just pkgadd packages at that point04:12
jaegerthe complaint was just that it doesn't work on systems with small memory like 128/256mb04:13
pedjaextract, chroot, mount fs into it, run setup to update05:37
pedja128/256mb ram? can't see the point of running Crux on a machine with that little memory, anyway05:40
pedjaiso might not boot on those machines, but the hacky way of installing should work :)05:43
jaegerAh, so you can use setup. Makes sense05:50
frinnsthmm has anyone looked at windows' linux layer? Wonder  what it would take to put crux on it08:30
TimB_tried it once as a user, felt wrong, burnt it alive and never looked back08:37
pedjaheh, links to Crux here
pedjadocker image or rootfs08:46
pedjaso in theory it should be straightforward08:47
TimB_is it possible to include "-Dgallium-drivers=[..],iris" in the next mesa3d update?09:06
TimB_19.1.4 is out btw :)09:07
frinnstwhat hardware is iris for?09:15
frinnstah intel gen8 something09:16
frinnstTimB_: I take it you have used it and tested it somewhat?09:16
TimB_frinnst: I don't have the hardware for it, but it's supposed to work very fine. iirc, tek__ actually wanted it. maybe he is not reachable because the driver is not stable? :P09:17
frinnstACTION slaps tek__ 09:47
TimB_right? =)09:47
frinnstACTION slaps tek__ 09:48
Romsterplease leave a message after the beep...10:34
Romsterjaeger, i'm happy with how the iso works now who the heck wants to run it on a low ram system... can we have both builds? and make the other one a netinst?10:35
frinnstI run crux with 512mb ram on a few systems10:47
ryuoACTION hauls off tek__'s unresponsive body to the morgue.11:21
ryuomaybe he'll wake up and surprise us.11:21
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jaegerWith the squashfs rootfs the ISO is slightly bigger but RAM usage is much smaller, <60MB20:09
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stenurWith 3.4 i got failures on installation, because the VM did not have enough RAM. The install script does not test that, but my patch did not make it i think?!?21:39
stenurI have forgotten, maybe 256 MB. An error would have helped back then.21:40
stenur(Well i made it then nonetheless.  And i like the 3.5 install stuff.  Only the kernel could be bigger.)21:40
jaegersetup warning wouldn't have helped. The problem manifested long before tat and prevented a boot22:00
jaegerso you'd never be able to run setup22:00
stenurNo, it was the email from 2018-06-10: because of restricted memory the initramfs could not become extracted, but tar tried anyway, and all those messages flying by22:06
stenurscrolled the error off screen; finally init(1) could not become started, resulting in a misleading error message."22:06
stenurThe patch was on crux-devel, May 25th 2018.  Just add the optional arg to checkReturn.22:08
jaeger"the install script does not test that" <-- this was never a possibility22:08
stenurI liked the "Something's broken, here's a shell."22:08
jaegerOh, you mean the initramfs22:08
jaegeryes, the initramfs script could check for that22:08
jaegerthough with the current ISO there's nothing it could DO about it22:09
jaegerif we switch back to squashfs you have the option of copying it all to RAM or not doing so22:09
stenurWell. My problem was that i did not know the problem. You only have one or two pages or so of scrollback.22:13
jaegeryeah, it's a pain to see at that point22:14
stenurOther than that i lack everything for even an opinion in this regard.22:14
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