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jaegerIf you have some time and don't mind testing, would some folks here please test for me? It has no packages on it to keep it a bit smaller, basically want to know two things: 1) does it boot properly for you? and 2) how much free memory is reported by 'free -m' after you boot it?14:57
jaegerFor example if I boot it with qemu here I see 35MB used14:59
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dlcusajaeger, my 1 GB Atom netbook shows 46.4 used.18:27
TimB_dlcusa: just so you know, got some changes for libreoffice coming in soon, do you know about pkgfoster?18:28
TimB_there might be some deps that lo pulled on your system that won't be needed in the future18:28
TimB_pkgfoster can take care of that18:28
dlcusaJaeger, free agrees with the top number I posted.18:31
dlcusaTimB, I tend to use prt-get listorphans a lot.18:32
TimB_dlcusa: ok, that's fine! pkgfoster will go through them ask you individually for every single one of them, then checks for new orphans at the end until it's 'clean'. it will keep your decisions saved under ~/.keepers iirc18:34
TimB_maybe I can push my changes later, still running a new test build in a fresh container to see if it all works out as planned, but it does look that way18:35
TimB_let me know if you run into anything with it18:36
dlcusaTimB, will do--thanks the the great support!18:37
TimB_no worries, glad to help. if you want to jump ahead of me pushing my changes, do "sed 's/master/WIP/g' /etc/ports/crux-libreoffice.httpup"18:42
TimB_I don't expect any further changes at this point18:42
TimB_sed 's/master/WIP/g' -i /etc/ports/crux-libreoffice.httpup18:42
TimB_nothing build related at least :)18:44
TimB_jaeger: no packages on the iso, but a full kernel tarball? ;)18:44
jaegerTimB_: yeah. I just removed packages to save download time, not because it's intended to be used18:48
jaegerdlcusa: thanks for testing18:48
TimB_jaeger: boots fine on my notebook as well, uses 62m of 16013m reported by free18:49
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jaegerok, thanks19:10
dlcusajaeger, glad to help!19:16
TimB_jup, glad to help. btw, I am happy with the iso as is as well19:16
TimB_but a netinstall won't hurt anybody I guess19:17
jaegerI used to also maintain a netinst ISO a long time ago19:21
jaegerhave considered bringing it back officially but not done so19:21
john_cephalopodaHow many people are actually doing netinstall?19:22
TimB_regularly? :P19:25
TimB_but i would choose a netinstall over the other19:26
john_cephalopodaTimB_: I never really understood the reasoning behind netinstalls. Why do you use them?19:43
TimB_installing more recent stuff directly19:44
jaegerIt's just to save some time downloading and compiling updates. Same reason the updated ISO exists19:44
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