IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2019-08-12

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frinnstThe GNU Compiler Collection version 9.2 has been released.13:11
frinnstbtw I have not been able to break anything with the latest glibc13:11
pedjadidn't arch backtrack their gcc9 update because it broke a lot of stuff?13:28
pedjallvm/clang 9 should be released soon-ish too, yay13:31
pedjawell, until nvidia updates cuda, I'll be locking gcc :)13:38
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frinnsthavent tried gcc9 yet. But yeah, expect a lot more breakage than glibc14:06
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TimB_frinnst: glibc 2.30 works flawlessly here as well17:02
ryuoa glibc release that doesn't break something? pinch frinnst, they must be dreaming.17:10
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j_vI have uploaded a openjdk8-headless port to my j_v repo (
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TimB_j_v: cool!19:59
TimB_will look for a way to try it out with a purpose, but i think romster had one20:00
j_vyep, I know he was interested, and few others mentioned interest in the past. just took some concerted effort to find some examples of building it without all the client side type libs (alsa, cups, X11)20:02
TimB_sometimes, things take time20:07
TimB_have you had any more qualitytime with texlive?20:08
TimB_i wanted to revisit that sometime soon in a clean container environment to see if there is anything left in there20:09
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