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frinnstglibc updates doesnt usually cause problems06:43
frinnsti remember a security patch for the dns resolver caused problems with glib but thats more or less it for the last couple of years06:43
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Henschiis this speed up point still relevant?
TimB_Henschi: I would say yes09:55
TimB_building in ramfs should be significantly faster09:56
TimB_or tmpfs for that matter09:56
frinnstwell, depends on what storage you have10:11
frinnstnvme? probably won't notice it10:11
TimB_still, do you want to build on nvme if you can avoid it?10:14
frinnsti think i build in ramdisk10:14
frinnstbut depending on how much ram you have it might cause problems10:15
frinnsti remember firefox (source) required a lot of ram so quite a few users ran out of diskspace when building10:15
frinnstand rust :)10:15
TimB_it's time to upgrade ram ;)10:16
Henschistorage is a ssd, than i try with ramfs10:17
HenschiTimB_: is right, next laptop has more ram10:20
frinnstwhen I started to play with tmpfs for building ssds were quite fragile12:09
frinnstdont think you need to worry about that anymore12:09
TimB_ does somebody know what causes this? Before, i only build python-evdev in a clean environment and only got the missing egg-info file, changed the footprint, now it generates all that other crap?12:22
frinnstgod, dont remember what it was12:22
TimB_ <-12:22
TimB_these are the packages installed right now12:22
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jaegernothing wrong with building on SSDs anymore, NVMe or otherwise14:05
jaegerThose write endurance issues are long past being a thing14:05
stenur..reminded me of a message of Matthew Dillon/DragonFly BSD, and their package builders etc:14:20
jaegeryeah, sounds right15:40
TimB_frinnst: it's python-setuptools that expands the egg16:43
TimB_stupid egg
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stenurHa, how nice! After that 4.5 years or so old mail, today he announced their replacement!!22:36
stenur"the new machines have all-SSDs"22:37
stenurand: " all together burn only around half the wattage that monster burned (500W vs 1000W)22:37
stenurand 3 times the performance.   That's at least a 6:1 improvement in performance efficiency."22:38
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