IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2019-08-18

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Romsteri didn't regenerate it after footprint update03:40
Romsterfixed jaeger03:40
Romsterno worries :)06:34
Romsteris frinnst busy pango needs a bump, might be others but that's the only one i noticed while looking at pygtk and pangox-compat06:35
Romsterjaeger, i fixed pangox-compat by adding a pango-compat port and then setting PKG_CONFIG_PATH+="/usr/lib/pango-compat/pkgconfig" in poangox-compat would you like a patch or flyspray or do you even use this port anymore?08:49
Romsteri'll add the change since it is broken atm08:57
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jaegerRomster: I haven't used it in years, was thinking about dropping it14:13
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john_cephalopodaHi jue15:05
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jaegerjue: looks like readline is missing the new patch17:16
juejaeger: thanks, is fixed now18:23
jaegergreat, thanks :)18:47
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