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jueTimB_: objections if I move chrpath to opt? I'd like to use it for imagemagick09:34
TimB_of course not09:36
jueok, thanks09:37
pedjaRomster, if you are interested, I have a patch to build glslang against spirv* in my vulkan repo.10:28
pedja(stolen from Fedora)10:28
Romsterthat one you mentioned in #crux or in here awhile ago? yeah that one. i haven't tried it yet10:28
Romsterplaying around with new distcc, i should try that too.10:29
Romsterthey are really slow on vulkan. they must be at the drawing board?10:29
pedjawho us slow?10:30
pedjasorry, haven't had my second coffee yet, so I am slower than usual :)10:30
Romsteri mean the project10:31
pedjajust FYI, validation layers from sdk require that glslang and spirv* be built from an exact commit, otherwise it breaks :)10:32
Romsterthat sounds fun10:33
pedjasomeone asked one of the vulkan devs if they could tag their releases in unison with spirv guys. he answered "that would be awesome, but"10:33
Romsterlet me guess no one wants that burden10:34
pedjaapparently, google devs spearheading spirv don't really care10:34
Romsterit would make packagers jobs easier10:35
pedjamany projects have their own package manager thingie, do you really think they care about distribution packagers?10:37
Romsterpedja, once you've woken up xfce may need pango-compat on some ports. see #crux10:37
Romsternope :D10:37
pedjaI've built it yesterday, some updates, haven't seen that error.10:38
Romsterprobably why no linking to spirv10:38
Romsteri needed it for pygtk10:38
pedjawell, I don't have pango-compat, and xfce4-panel builds fine.10:41
pedjaI suspect that error has soemthing to do with recent pango breakage/update.10:43
pedjaIOW, worksForMe[tm] :)10:44
RomsterACTION shrugs10:44
Romsterperhaps a full rebuild would remove the la file dependency10:44
pedjawithout the actual logs, it's hard to tell10:45
Romsteryeah it wasn't me that had that issue.10:45
Romsteri know that feeling10:45
pedjaif I had a crystal ball, I'd use it to predict next lottery numbers, not to debug some stuff :)10:46
Romsterlol same10:46
pedjaone of these days I'll have to open a bug to update libwnck-gtk3, port in opt is ancient11:06
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Romsterwhat even depends on that pedja ?11:10
Romsteryeah it does11:11
Romsterand mate11:11
pedjaseveral xfce ports11:27
TimB_libwnck-gtk3 and gtk2 share files as well, you can have both11:28
pedjadon't need gtk2, so non an issue for me :)11:29
TimB_yeah but an issue in general, it's in opt after all..11:29
pedjawhat depends on libwnck, anyway?11:30
pedjagtk2 one11:30
Romsternothing in official ports depends on either11:32
pedjaI guess sepen added it to opt because xfce depended on it11:32
Romsterin the past it probably did11:32
TimB_pedja: not sure, i have a port of gnome-python-desktop which want's wnck-gtk2, but i don't use it anymore, no idea what i made it for11:32
Romsterlxpanel gxkb alltray use libwnck11:33
Romsterthat's it11:33
TimB_how about moving everything in question to seperate repository for people to activate just like contrib?11:33
TimB_contrib members could adopt ports from there freely and it would make for a cleaner opt/contrib11:34
pedjaI think we talked about attic repo at some point11:34
TimB_so why isn't that a thing?11:35
pedjalow priority11:35
TimB_otoh it's also low afford for much less overhead in the future11:36
pedjanot my call :)11:37
TimB_for example, opt/cmocka just caught my eye. nothing in opt depends on it, despite that opt/ldb mentions it in it's configure line but not as a dependency (no idea if that's an oversight?). it's one of alans ports. does it need to be in opt? do we even need it in general?11:41
jueno, it's not an oversight, I don't wan't the dep to cmocka in ldb11:44
pedjaRomster, my rust-bin port, if you are curious
TimB_jue: ok, i was just running depinst ldb in a container but that clears it up :)11:45
pedjaah, I see you are using your built one, not the upstream binary. Sorry :)11:46
TimB_jue: what do you think about an "attic" repo?11:46
jueTimB_: FYI, opt is not a selection of ports, every opt maintainer is free to put everything he wants in it11:46
TimB_I see11:46
TimB_i thought opt was more of a "this is what we certainly want running and supported on CRUX" repo11:47
jueyeah, we talked about a attic repo several times in the past but came not to a conclusion11:48
TimB_well, if you see any work to be done there, i have some time to spend during my semester break11:49
pedjacouldn't decide how big font size to use for flaming red warning that it is a unsupported repo, iirc :)11:50
TimB_pedja: "there will be dragons" must suffice, or not? ;)11:51
pedjahardly anyone reads the READMEs these days :)11:53
TimB_i mean, it's still CRUX and aimed for the more advanced user.. maybe an extra comment to prt-get.conf would do the job already11:53
TimB_pedja: not our problem11:53
TimB_besides, having them run into those ports by default in opt/contrib isn't gonna make it any better11:53
Romsterpedja, yeah i build it then package it11:54
pedjarust is slowly crawling into core. either that, or dump bzip2 :)11:56
pedjanot yet, the rustification of it it's not done yet, afaik11:57
pedja(same dev maintaining librsvg)11:58
pedjajue, so you are back from the trip? welcome back11:58
jueyeah, I'm back, thanks12:07
jueRomster: I saw that some of your ports depends on ports from sepen, would be nice if you adopt them?12:10
TimB_bbl, work12:14
Romsteri picked up libglade jue i haven't noticed any others yet12:18
jueI see cabextract, libidl, libnotify, libogg, libsdl12:37
Romsteri'll take a look at those12:38
juethanks :)12:38
Romsterit's been some time since i've done a fresh install and they just worked :)12:39
Romsterexcept the pango mess i had to deal with12:40
Romsteralso welcome back jue :)12:43
juethanks :)12:57
Romster=======> ERROR: Signature mismatch found:13:40
Romsteryeah i dunno i just tried to update it13:42
Romsterand i already had the new dependency installed13:43
Romsterthat worked as expected13:48
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