IRC Logs for #crux-devel Thursday, 2019-08-22

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Romsterjue, no worries :)11:28
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jaegerI will be out of town saturday through next friday. Probably won't be around much16:44
frinnstdoing anything fun?16:50
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jaegerGoing to a conference, VMworld16:51
frinnstso yes then16:52
jaegerYeah, should be pretty good16:54
pedjaLas Vegas?18:20
pedjaAh, San Francisco, nice.18:22
pedjaevery disaster movie ever has to show Golden Gate Bridge destroyed in some manner. Well, Godzilla ones too.18:25
pedjafrinnst, you are a vmware guy too, right? ever went to one of those vmworld conferences?18:27
jaegerIt was in Las Vegas for a few years while they did construction in SF, back in SF now18:41
frinnstno, never19:00
jaegerIt's a good conference in my opinion. You could go to the one in Barcelona cheaper than SF, perhaps :)19:06
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jaegerhrmm... some time I need to figure out how to get a yubikey working with password-store and gnupg19:55
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pedjahow would yubikey fit there?20:17
jaegerIt would serve to unlock the gpg key20:18
pedjaah, neat20:18
pedjashouldn't that work OOTB if gnupg is set to use yubikey?20:19
jaegerYes. pass wouldn't actually care, I think, just gnupg. But I've never set it up to use a yubikey before20:20
pedjaiirc, yubikey use was one of the things that sold frinnst on the adding PAM to Crux :)20:21
jaegeryeah, and I agree with that, just haven't had time to actually play with it yet, myself :P20:21
pedjayou have way too many toys, my friend20:22
jaegerThis is true20:22
jaegerI only use the yubikey for work currently but I was kinda thinking of trying to use it for more stuff20:23
pedjait can contain ssh, gpg keys and some models do otp too?20:24
pedjafor 2fa20:24
pedjaotp auth Android app I use has no backup option, which makes sense from security standpoint, I guess20:25
pedjabut if/when my phone breaks, it will be...interesting20:26
pedjapass can do otp too, with a plugin, btw20:27
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nomius Hey folks22:50
nomiusIs the calendar (cal command) working for you?22:50
stenurFor my restricted use case, yes.22:51
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