IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2019-08-23

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jaegerseems ok here00:52
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TimB_frinnst: what do you think about these changes i made for opt/pulseaudio? plus: it needs speexdsp, else it will throw this warning:
TimB_it's the fork i maintain in my public repo.. i wrote alan earlier today and he is looking into either bumping bluez himself or moving it to contrib for me to take care of14:53
TimB_this new Depends on line produces a much cleaner deptree. and it will work with bluez if it's available14:54
TimB_plus it includes some really useful changes to the default config..14:54
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jueTimB_: gdbm is in core, why tdb?16:40
TimB_jue: i thought it would perform better, not sure of that though16:43
jueok, wondering for what pulseaudio needs a database at all ...16:59
TimB_i couldn't answer that, either :)17:02
TimB_but it want's one, heck it get's one, who am i to judge17:03
TimB_i already gave in using pa in the first place17:03
juewell, tdb is not used much in crux, I see only 3 ports depending on it, so I would not define a db, pa picks up tdb if installed and gdbm if not17:08
jueand gdbm is pulled in by python anyway ...17:09
TimB_ok, i might consider it, if frinnst decides against those changes17:10
jueyou know, I'm a bit a minimal-deps fanboy ;)17:19
TimB_well, then you must like most of the changes i made :P17:21
TimB_but i appreciate that, i try to cut down the deps on my ports as much as possible lately17:21
TimB_i made a lot of pushes to my personal repo as well as my contrib ports in the past days17:21
TimB_cool, alan removed bluez from opt17:28
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