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Romsteri try to use ports that are widely used by others over others where possible TimB_07:51
TimB_Romster: noted08:26
Romsterunless it's absolutely necessary08:27
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TimB_so, over at #pulseaudio I'm told they have a different licence and it could be the case that gdbm does aborts the process if it runs of disk space which is not nice, but performance wise there should be nothing to be considered..11:49
TimB_given that running out of disk space is not a normal use case.. at least it shouldn't be, i think it's save to use gdbm instead of tdb11:50
TimB_jue: -1 'depends on' :) do you even use pulse?11:51
jueTimB_: yes12:41
TimB_would you use that Pkgfile?12:43
juesure, if it works ;)12:48
juewill try12:49
TimB_does for me (tm)12:49
TimB_fun fact about the default pulse config: it tries to use 100% cpu on one core at all times, unless i would kill the service just to restart it - that worked. no idea why. there are bugreports out there upstream doesn't seem to care about or says it's a kernel bug or whatever..12:56
TimB_no idea what fixed it, maybe the flat audio stuff..12:56
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frinnstTimB_: i'd like to keep opt/pulseaudio as lean as possible13:31
frinnstdeps are evil :-)13:31
TimB_well, it comes with less deps13:31
TimB_frinnst: and it really wants to have speexdsp..13:36
john_cephalopodafrinnst: Heh, I recently had to install libreoffice... It has so many deps...13:41
juefrinnst: I agree13:42
jueTimB_: are all the test really necessary, I did a quick test with avahi -> it got included if installed13:43
TimB_jue: well, if they are or are not, i didn't decide about that. i have avahi installed because somewhat else depends on it, i think kodi?13:44
TimB_i don't actually need the functionality myself13:44
juesorry, I mean the tests at start of your Pkgfile13:45
TimB_well, this was a respond to that question. i don't need it, i just put it there for completion. if it's kept is not really my decision alone13:46
juefor completion?13:46
TimB_i don't care if it disables avahi completly. but why would we want to do that?13:46
john_cephalopodaWhat does avahi even do?13:47
TimB_some crap for remotes13:47
john_cephalopodaI know it is some server discovery system.13:47
TimB_or that13:47
john_cephalopodaBut I never used it before.13:47
jueif avahi is installed pulseaudio configure picks it up, so your test is not necessary13:47
TimB_john_cephalopoda: and nobody forces you to13:47
juethat's what I meant13:48
TimB_jue: ah, ok.13:48
TimB_well, sure, my fault. i was a bit head over toes13:48
jueeven speexdsp is picked up by configure if installed14:11
TimB_and if it's not there, it will throw a big fat warning about wanting it to function properly14:11
juesure but what? it still works for me ;)14:13
jueanother question: why do you build with --disable-x11 and install start-pulseaudio-x11 afterwards?14:15
TimB_good question.. :)14:17
TimB_jue: about speexdsp, i think i really want that, with contrib/pulseeffects in mind. it would at least need to be an optional dep14:22
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pedjahuge thread about sound on Linux
TimB_pedja: do i understand correctly that resampling makes "duplex" useable?15:23
pedjaafaict, depends on resampling algo15:26
pedjaquite a few to choose from :)15:26
john_cephalopoda"PulseAudio is the most critical element of the Linux sound stack."15:27
TimB_pedja: ah, i am at that part now15:28
pedjalibsoxr resampler is apparently better then the default speex, but adds 20ms or worse delay, apparently16:01
TimB_yeah, i don't know if i want that. i think not16:01
TimB_i am trying with -5 for speex16:01
pedjaPA might switch to meson/ninja in the next release16:25
TimB_pedja: sure looks like it16:27
TimB_i tried the other one, and it sounds off to me. speex-float-5 is nice16:48
TimB_pulseeffects stays at around 0.3-0.7 latency, with casual spikes to 4.9 :^ but sounds good16:48
TimB_format s16le16:49
frinnstall hipster projects will change to meson18:38
john_cephalopodaACTION drinks an organic low-fat soy latte with incredibly skillful latte art and migrates all his projects to meson18:40
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