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frinnstRomster: I still don't understand the llvm dep on libxml201:01
frinnstkeep in mind that llvm is an iso package and extra deps isnt really wanted01:02
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Romster$ finddeps llvm03:52
Romstergcc (core)03:52
Romsterglibc (core)03:52
Romsterncurses (core)03:52
Romsterxz (core)03:52
Romsterzlib (core)03:52
Romsterlibffi (opt)03:52
Romsterlibxml2 (opt)03:52
Romsterunless we disable system xml2 in llvm?03:52
Romsterfrinnst, thoughts?03:54
jueoptional dep, llvm build fine without having libxml2 installed08:01
TimB_does it build it's own set of libxml2 if it's not provided?08:07
jueno, don't looks like08:11
TimB_no idea what the benfits are of having libxml2 for that08:15
juebut anyway, libxml2 is already part of our ISO and llvm from that ISO is linked against libxml2, so it doesn't matter08:45
Romsterthat's what i thought jue i wouldn't just go adding stuff not realising it's not on the iso already.09:22
jueRomster: btw, is there a reason why our gpgme is very old?09:25
Romsterprobably overlooked, i'll take a look.09:26
jueat least 1.13.1 works fine with mutt09:26
Romsteri need to fix up my version sorting stuff.09:26
Romsteri am finally feeling better on new medication, so i am a bit more active now. but work is really busy so i get burned out lots.09:27
jueguess all the additional stuff, like sed etc., can be removed09:27
juebtw, from time to time I take a look at ->
Romsteri did see that site i should bookmark that09:30
Romsterand bookmarked10:00
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jaegerfrinnst: are you using 10GbE uplinks with ESXi? I can't remember15:32
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frinnstat work, currently 10gbit yeah17:00
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jaegerWhich NICs do you use?17:13
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frinnstnot sure on the top of my head19:07
frinnstits all hpe blades19:07
frinnstso integrated and mezzanine cards. can check tomorrow if I remember19:08
jaegerAh, ok. Just curious. Thinking about going to 10GbE for my vSAN/vMotion traffic at home again19:24
jaegerOrdered a Mikrotik CRS305 for it19:25
jaegerNow that I can finally buy one, they were hard to get in the US for a while19:25
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frinnstCRS305 does the job. just don't expect to do anything fancy with it20:22
frinnsti run swos on mine20:23
jaegerdon't need anything fancy, just 10GbE :)20:23
jaegeryeah, plan to as well20:23
frinnstwas hoping to get some simple layer2+ out of mine but it does it all in sw then so I get maybe 500mbit out of it then20:23
jaegerI'm just wanting to separate my vSAN/vMotion traffic from the 1GbE network, this should do that well20:24
jaegerIt's already on its own VLAN but it saturates regularly20:27
nomius_Romster / Workster have you compliled llvm 8.0.1?21:20
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jaegertoday would have been a really nice day to have that extra 10GbE switch since I broke my main switch config, heh23:59
jaegerwould have allowed my vSAN stuff to stay up and happy23:59

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