IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2019-09-02

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WorksterNomius, i have but i haven't updated the binary ports in some time i need to fix that05:58
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frinnstjaeger: nics are a mix of qlogic 57840, and emulex flexfabric 554m/554flb11:05
frinnstdepending on the age of the host11:05
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jaegerok, cool, thanks for checking13:26
frinnstwe will buy a new cluster and san soon'ish13:27
frinnstand new switches - moving away from the blades13:27
frinnstlooks to be 25gbit \o/13:28
jaegerNice. That seems to be the way to go now13:28
frinnstyeah. 40gbit seems rather dead since its more or less just 4x10gbit13:28
jaegerHad the first drive failure in my home lab vSAN cluster yesterday. Been very solid so far and I think the drive is under warranty... need to check that today13:44
jaegerAlready ordered a spare though, just in case13:44
jaegerman, I wish vsphere and vsan would make it easy to find a disk serial number14:20
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