IRC Logs for #crux-devel Friday, 2019-09-13

jaegerdid you even wait for him to respond to the first one?01:16
Workster Saturday, 24 June 2017 Tek05:50
Worksterprobably safe to say he is retired at this point05:50
Worksterjaeger, or someone one when you get a chance the check urls and prtverify cron jobs still point to 3.405:51
Worksterlast time tek committed in opt was in march! 6 months ago05:54
TimB_jaeger: how long am i supposed to wait?07:35
TimB_a year? 2 years?07:36
frinnstof course not07:38
frinnst1 week perhaps07:38
TimB_sorry for the horrible language ;)07:40
TimB_but jaeger might understand it? jue seems away.. basically says "hope you are fine. if you give me permission to update some stuff (including texlive) this would be great so it can go on. best regards"07:44
TimB_it's noteworthy that one of the flyspray issues I made predates my first mail..08:00
frinnstmaybe we can talk about it this weekend08:57
TimB_ok, cool08:59
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