IRC Logs for #crux-devel Saturday, 2019-09-14

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frinnstoops forgot a notify for pulseaudio15:30
frinnstbreaks some links15:30
TimB_this is a practice drill15:31
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jaegerTimB_: REPO files don't make sense in individual port dirs for what that's worth17:10
TimB_jaeger: yeah, it was my fault between the first and second coffee in the morning ~.~17:10
TimB_the time i hit return it was too late to stop it17:10
jaegerWorkster: updated the prtverify and check_urls scripts... the prtverify one was actually pointed at 3.3 :P17:12
jaegerTimB_: all good, not going to cause any real issues17:12
TimB_jaeger: yeah i know.. still :) I am trying to reduce my derp levels17:13
jaegerfair enough :)17:14
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