IRC Logs for #crux-devel Sunday, 2019-09-15

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Romsterjaeger, omg 3.3 dang04:30
TimB_frinnst: in case you got time to talk about some stuff, i need to go and sort some stuff at work soon, but can check irc. but it looks like i'll be free this afternoon.09:09
TimB_ is maximilian dietrich still around? or are those possible orphans as well?09:15
TimB_ same for moritz wilhelmy09:15
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TimB_wanted to update jansson, but what is up with the version number?
TimB_contrib is at 2.12 which was tagged the latest release before that...13:15
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jaegergah, why is my enigmail always broken17:08
jaegerfrinnst: which gpg key id do you have for me? one starting with F9DE?17:35
jaegerI feel like I've been through this before. I wonder if I should just create an entirely new key and delete any old ones I have17:53
jaegerAlso, why is pgp/gpg key infrastructure such shit?18:00
jaegereven searching for keys rarely works18:00
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frinnstjaeger: anyways, you guessed right21:55
frinnstyeah, F9DE21:56
jaegerweird... I can't decrypt your message on either of 2 machines with that key :/21:59
jaegerwonder what I have broken21:59
jaegerok, I can decrypt it from the command line with the key... so it's enigmail or thunderbird that's the problem22:06
frinnstor something is odd on my side22:07
jaegerWish I knew... I just installed pinentry-gtk2 to see if thunderbird would pick it up and restarted thunderbird... it didn't prompt for anything (gpg-agent is still active) but it does decrypt the message now... I have no idea22:09
jaegerStill can't decrypt it on the windows machine but linux is ok with it now... whatever, 1 is good enough for now :P22:10
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