IRC Logs for #crux-devel Monday, 2019-09-16

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jaeger3.5 months until the official python 2 EOL? woo14:15
pedja_hpmini :)14:17
pedja_hpminiapparently, main calibre developer, who said he will maintain python2 himself14:22
pedja_hpminiis busy porting calibre to python314:22
pedja_hpminiof the big applications, afaik only mozilla won't port their build system in time14:23
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jaegerThere will be a LOT of python 2.x code still in the wild for years, I don't doubt14:40
pedja_hpminiRH and SUSE will have to support it until at least 2025 :)14:47
jaegerI predicted a while back that python 2 will look sorta like windows XP14:48
jaegerin terms of actually being able to EoL it :P14:48
pedja_hpminiyou are probably right14:48
pedja_hpminiI still see people use xp14:48
pedja_hpminiand, apparently, some companies too14:48
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