IRC Logs for #crux-devel Wednesday, 2019-09-18

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frinnstyeah but didnt reply to any mails06:31
frinnstACTION is confused06:31
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TimB_mine neither06:56
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jaegerI wonder if his email isn't working for some reason15:10
TimB_at least he is alive for a start15:11
TimB_but really makes you wonder15:11
TimB_vlc is still depending on qt4 as well15:12
TimB_should be as easy as sed 's/qt4/qt5/g' -i Pkgfile.. should i?15:12
jaegerprobably. I have a local version built with qt5 without trouble15:12
TimB_libreoffice-bin doesn't provide valid distfiles as well btw.. they move stuff around15:13
TimB_i don't have vlc installed anymore, as i am already running an pretty packed system ;)15:14
TimB_but i had it working with qt5 without any further ado as well15:14
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